AdvanSource Biomaterials Corp. engages in the development of polymer materials which provide critical characteristics in the design and development of medical devices. Its biomaterials are used in devices that are designed for treating a range of anatomical sites and disease states. Its products include ChronoFlex, ChronoSil, HydroMed, HydroThane, and PolyBlend. The company was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Wilmington, MA.

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Michael F. Adams
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31 Mar 22
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5 Dec 19 Khristine L Carroll Common Stock Aquire X No No 0 600,000 0 1,335,309
5 Dec 19 Khristine L Carroll Common Stock Aquire X No No 0 350,000 0 735,309
5 Dec 19 Khristine L Carroll Common Stock Aquire X No No 0.06 100,000 6K 385,309
5 Dec 19 Michael L Barretti Common Stock Aquire X No No 0.06 25,000 1.5K 550,115
5 Dec 19 William J Oneill JR Common Stock Aquire X No No 0.06 25,000 1.5K 550,000
5 Dec 19 Mark R Tauscher Common Stock Aquire X No No 0 350,000 0 400,000
5 Dec 19 Mark R Tauscher Common Stock Aquire X No No 0.06 50,000 3K 50,000
5 Dec 19 Michael L Barretti Common Stock Aquire X No No 0 525,000 0 525,115

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