SMFG Sumitomo Mitsui Financial

Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Inc. is a holding company, which engages in the management of its subsidiaries that provide financial services. It operates through the following segments: Commercial Banking, Leasing, Securities, and Consumer Finance. The Commercial Banking segment consists of consumer banking, middle market banking, wholesale banking, retail banking, international banking, and treasury units. The Leasing segment provides leasing services that include equipment leases, operating leases, leveraged leases, and aircraft operating leases. The Securities segment offers financial products, investment consultation and administration services to individual and corporate customers. The Consumer Finance segment handles domestic credit card business, consumer loans and loan guarantee businesses. The company was founded on December 2, 2002 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

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Jun Ohta
Fiscal year end
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Securities sold
Number of investors
Top 50 of 148 long holdings
End of quarter 31 Mar 21
Prev Q
%, QoQ
$679.67M 12.13M 12.13M 0
$526.64M 1.6M 645K +147.3
$413.73M 1.04M 1.04M 0
$359.93M 2.77M 3.51M -21.2
$347.24M 876.13K 864.88K +1.3
$206.15M 907.93K 914.99K -0.8
$184.68M 2.12M 322.89K +556.1
$113.93M 2.95M 2.5M +18.0
$96.37M 471.85K 471.85K 0
$95.05M 594.18K 913.38K -34.9
Vanguard Intl Equity Index F
$90.05M 1.73M 1M +73.0
$82.99M 843K 172K +390.1
$74.37M 1.59M 1.61M -1.0
$68.46M 1.25M 1.23M +1.7
$58.01M 710K 1.45M -51.0
$54.98M 414K 116K +256.9
$52.64M 668K NEW
$47.93M 421.08K 2.93M -85.6
$46.62M 873.99K 74.93K +1066.5
$41.97M 700K 370K +89.2
$36.5M 950.44K 835.17K +13.8
$35.44M 83.58K 5.34K +1466.5
$30.87M 284.72K 306.34K -7.1
$30.06M 266.17K 265.7K +0.2
$28.9M 589K NEW
$26.44M 652.34K 954.88K -31.7
$19.7M 615.17K 591.02K +4.1
$19.02M 212K 355K -40.3
$13.65M 146.73K 155.24K -5.5
$13.09M 55.63K 62.68K -11.2
$12.84M 40.23K 665.62K -94.0
$12.45M 23.43K 27.22K -13.9
$12.38M 34.54K 35.17K -1.8
$10.65M 5.15K 4.54K +13.4
$10.18M 3.3K 3.41K -3.4
$10.11M 122.52K 102.56K +19.5
$9.78M 21.09K 18.19K +15.9
$8.76M 69.78K 58.43K +19.4
$8.32M 62.77K 50.72K +23.8
$8.25M 67.64K 85.7K -21.1
$7.72M 86.64K 69.83K +24.1
$7.52M 49.38K 41.06K +20.3
$7.46M 9.89K 7.55K +31.0
$7.3M 19.61K 16.66K +17.7
$6.74M 66.55K 49.59K +34.2
$6.23M 16.87K 13.31K +26.8
$5.97M 15.59K NEW
$5.95M 62.15K 60.61K +2.5
$5.6M 96.27K 77.21K +24.7
$5.56M 16.27K 14.76K +10.2
Holdings list only includes long positions. Only includes long positions.


29 Jun 21
27 Jul 21
31 Mar 22
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Mar 21 Mar 20 Mar 19 Mar 18
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Operating income
Operating margin
Net income
Net profit margin
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Mar 21 Mar 20 Mar 19 Mar 18
Cost of revenue
Operating income
Operating margin
Net income
Net profit margin
Cash on hand
Change in cash
Diluted EPS

Financial data from company earnings reports.

Data for the last complete 13F reporting period. To see the most recent changes to ownership, click the ownership history button above.

1.8% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders
Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 222 215 +3.3%
Opened positions 37 44 -15.9%
Closed positions 30 24 +25.0%
Increased positions 90 75 +20.0%
Reduced positions 60 68 -11.8%
13F shares
Current Prev Q Change
Total value 906.78M 1.43B -36.7%
Total shares 125.09M 210.65M -40.6%
Total puts 107.8K 300 +35833.3%
Total calls 93.4K 0 NEW
Total put/call ratio 1.2 Infinity NaN%
Largest owners
Shares Value Change
Lazard Asset Management 13.14M $95.28M +5.7%
Cowen Investment Management 10.39M $75.3M -0.8%
Parametric Portfolio Associates 10.27M $74.43M +2.5%
BLK Blackrock 7.94M $57.57M +570736.3%
MS Morgan Stanley 7.74M $56.13M +8.4%
GS Goldman Sachs 7.2M $52.23M -24.5%
NTRS Northern Trust 7.18M $52.07M +4.7%
Renaissance Technologies 6.48M $47.01M -15.9%
Cowen And 6.34M $45.98M -0.9%
WFC Wells Fargo & Co. 6.31M $45.74M +4.3%
Largest transactions
Shares Bought/sold Change
CMTDF Sumitomo Mitsui Trust 0 -83.5M EXIT
Aperio 0 -7.96M EXIT
BLK Blackrock 7.94M +7.94M +570736.3%
LMR Partners 2.14M -2.77M -56.4%
GS Goldman Sachs 7.2M -2.34M -24.5%
Renaissance Technologies 6.48M -1.23M -15.9%
FMR 4.58M +1.07M +30.4%
Infini Master Fund 0 -817.5K EXIT
Lazard Asset Management 13.14M +711.6K +5.7%
D. E. Shaw & Co. 1.12M +624.53K +125.2%

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