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Robert H. Spilman
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2 Apr 20
4 Apr 20
30 Nov 20


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Quarter (USD) Feb 20 Nov 19 Aug 19 Jun 19
Revenue 112.12M 113.64M 109.42M 108.19M
Net income 1.21M -5.14M 2.16M 445K
Diluted EPS 0.12 -0.5 0.21 0.04
Net profit margin 1.08% -4.52% 1.97% 0.41%
Operating income 2.21M -5.65M 3.4M 701K
Net change in cash -7.5M 5.05M 3.06M 1.6M
Cash on hand 12.19M 19.69M 14.64M 11.58M
Cost of revenue 45.27M 45.29M 42.25M 42.53M
Annual (USD) Nov 19 Nov 18 Nov 17 Nov 16
Revenue 452.09M 456.86M 452.5M 432.04M
Net income -1.93M 8.22M 18.26M 15.83M
Diluted EPS -0.19 0.77 1.7 1.46
Net profit margin -0.43% 1.80% 4.03% 3.66%
Operating income -595K 14.08M 27.02M 28.19M
Net change in cash -13.78M -20.48M 18.81M -1.12M
Cash on hand 19.69M 33.47M 53.95M 35.14M
Cost of revenue 179.24M 179.58M 177.58M 167.52M

Financial data from company earnings reports

Date Owner Security Transaction Code $Price #Shares $Value #Remaining
11 Mar 20 Virginia W. Hamlet Common Stock Grant Aquire A 7.73 3,234 25K 7,743
11 Mar 20 Kristina K Cashman Common Stock Grant Aquire A 7.73 3,234 25K 13,983
11 Mar 20 John R Belk Common Stock Grant Aquire A 7.73 3,234 25K 32,416
11 Mar 20 John Walter Mcdowell Common Stock Grant Aquire A 7.73 3,234 25K 12,679
11 Mar 20 William C Warden JR Common Stock Grant Aquire A 7.73 3,234 25K 35,355
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