Descartes Systems (DSGX)

Descartes is the global leader in providing on-demand, software-as-a-service solutions focused on improving the productivity, performance and security of logistics-intensive businesses. Customers use its modular, software-as-a-service solutions to route, schedule, track and measure delivery resources; plan, allocate and execute shipments; rate, audit and pay transportation invoices; access global trade data; file customs and security documents for imports and exports; and complete numerous other logistics processes by participating in the world's largest, collaborative multimodal logistics community. Its headquarters are in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and it has offices and partners around the world.

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14 Apr 22
16 Aug 22
31 Jan 23
Quarter (USD) Jan 22 Jan 21 Jan 20 Apr 19
Cost of revenue
Operating income
Operating margin
Net income
Net profit margin
Cash on hand
Change in cash
Diluted EPS
Annual (USD) Jan 22 Jan 21 Jan 20 Apr 19
Cost of revenue
Operating income
Operating margin
Net income
Net profit margin
Cash on hand
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Diluted EPS
77.0% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 229 221 +3.6%
Opened positions 30 30
Closed positions 22 11 +100.0%
Increased positions 88 91 -3.3%
Reduced positions 79 74 +6.8%
13F shares Current Prev Q Change
Total value 4.8B 5.27B -8.9%
Total shares 65.25M 63.39M +2.9%
Total puts 29.3K 9K +225.6%
Total calls 39.3K 29.4K +33.7%
Total put/call ratio 0.7 0.3 +143.5%
Largest owners Shares Value Change
TROW T. Rowe Price 10.61M $777.55M +0.7%
Jarislowsky, Fraser 4.71M $344.81M -1.0%
Primecap Management 3.53M $258.72M -2.1%
Conestoga Capital Advisors 3.1M $227.08M +1.0%
Vanguard 2.75M $201.43M +1.4%
Echo Street Capital Management 2.73M $199.74M +10.6%
Durable Capital Partners 2.59M $189.38M +60.6%
BMO Bank of Montreal 2.07M $154.63M +2.0%
Manufacturers Life Insurance Company, The 1.8M $132.24M +46.3%
IVZ Invesco 1.64M $120.01M +28.7%
Largest transactions Shares Bought/sold Change
Durable Capital Partners 2.59M +975.73K +60.6%
Wasatch Advisors 908.3K +908.3K NEW
Norges Bank 0 -853.9K EXIT
Praesidium Investment Management 0 -848.99K EXIT
PFG Principal Financial Group Inc - Registered Shares 572.32K +572.32K NEW
Manufacturers Life Insurance Company, The 1.8M +570.74K +46.3%
IVZ Invesco 1.64M +365.53K +28.7%
RY Royal Bank Of Canada 1.18M +364.49K +44.8%
Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management 1.55M -316.28K -17.0%
Echo Street Capital Management 2.73M +260.6K +10.6%

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