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7 May 20
6 Aug 20
31 Dec 20


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Quarter (USD) Mar 20 Dec 19 Sep 19 Jun 19
Revenue 871M 860.1M 884.1M 791.7M
Net income 118.7M 61.9M 100.6M 84.9M
Net profit margin 13.63% 7.20% 11.38% 10.72%
Operating income 247M 153.6M 201.1M 182.6M
Net change in cash -17.8M 13.4M 1.1M 0
Cash on hand 1.3M 19.1M 5.7M 4.6M
Cost of revenue 289.2M 279.4M 300.6M 253.5M
Annual (USD) Dec 19 Dec 18 Dec 17 Dec 16
Revenue 3.5B 3.63B 3.71B 3.79B
Net income 362.1M 359.5M 336.8M 365.5M
Net profit margin 10.36% 9.92% 9.07% 9.64%
Operating income 760.2M 402.5M 632.1M 634.2M
Net change in cash -1.1M 7.9M -3.1M -11.7M
Cash on hand 19.1M 20.2M 12.3M 15.4M
Cost of revenue 1.19B 1.26B 1.29B 1.29B

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Reduced positions 0 1 EXIT
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Total value 0 1.13M EXIT
Total shares 0 1.13M EXIT
Total puts 0 0
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First American Bank 0 -1.13M EXIT

Financial report summary

  • Our business is significantly impacted by governmental regulation and oversight.
  • We face significant costs to comply with existing and future environmental laws and regulations.
  • We may face significant costs to comply with the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Changes in federal income tax policy may adversely affect our financial condition, results of operations, and cash flows, as well as our credit ratings.
  • We may fail to maintain effective internal controls in accordance with Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
  • We could be subject to higher costs and penalties as a result of mandatory reliability standards.
  • Our operations are subject to risks arising from the reliability of our electric generation, transmission, and distribution facilities, natural gas infrastructure facilities, and other facilities, as well as the reliability of third-party transmission providers.
  • Our operations are subject to various conditions that can result in fluctuations in energy sales to customers, including customer growth and general economic conditions in our service areas, varying weather conditions, and energy conservation efforts.
  • We are actively involved with several significant capital projects, which are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties that could adversely affect project costs and completion of construction projects.
  • Our operations are subject to risks beyond our control, including but not limited to, cyber security intrusions, terrorist attacks, acts of war, or unauthorized access to personally identifiable information.
  • Advances in technology could make our electric generating facilities less competitive.
  • We transport and distribute natural gas, which involves numerous risks that may result in accidents and other operating risks and costs.
  • We may fail to attract and retain an appropriately qualified workforce.
  • Our counterparties may fail to meet their obligations, including obligations under power purchase, natural gas supply, and transportation agreements.
  • We may not be able to fully use tax credits, net operating losses, and/or charitable contribution carryforwards.
  • Our business is dependent on our ability to successfully access capital markets.
  • A downgrade in our credit ratings could negatively affect our ability to access capital at reasonable costs and/or require the posting of collateral.
  • Fluctuating commodity prices could negatively impact our electric and natural gas utility operations.
  • We may not be able to obtain an adequate supply of coal, which could limit our ability to operate our coal-fired facilities.
  • Our use of derivative contracts could result in financial losses.
  • Restructuring in the regulated energy industry and competition in the retail and wholesale markets could have a negative impact on our business and revenues.
  • We may experience poor investment performance of benefit plan holdings due to changes in assumptions and market conditions.
  • We may be unable to obtain insurance on acceptable terms or at all, and the insurance coverage we do obtain may not provide protection against all significant losses.
Management Discussion
  • Net cash provided by operating activities decreased $107.8 million during 2019, compared with 2018. Cash paid for interest increased $360.2 million during 2019, compared with 2018, as a result of our adoption of ASU 2016-02, Leases (Topic 842), on January 1, 2019. This increase was offset by a corresponding decrease in cash paid for other operation and maintenance. As a result, this reclassification did not have a significant impact on our cash flows from operating activities and is not reflected in the following discussion. As shown below, the only cash flow item significantly impacted by Topic 842 related to the classification of our principal payments for finance leases. See Note 12, Leases, for more information. The $107.8 million decrease in net cash provided by operating activities was driven by:
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