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Eric F. Lundberg
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Thestreet Com
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6 Aug 19
21 Nov 19
31 Mar 20


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Quarter (USD) Jun 19 Mar 19 Dec 18 Sep 18
Revenue 6.92M 6.69M 13.92M 13.01M
Net income -3.26M 49.01M -6.81M -1.81M
Diluted EPS -0.61 9.35 -0.13 -0.04
Net profit margin -47.03% 733% -48.91% -13.93%
Operating income -2.94M -8.34M -24.41M -1.94M
Net change in cash -93.67M 80.96M -3.8M -1.83M
Cash on hand 24.32M 117.99M 37.03M 40.83M
Cost of revenue 3.38M 3.42M 5.8M 5.77M

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  • Revenue. Our B2B business derives revenue primarily from subscription products, events/conferences and information services. Our B2C business generates revenue primarily from premium subscription products and advertising.
  • Business to business revenue increased by approximately $1.8 million, or 8%, in 2018 as compared to 2017. This increase was primarily due to an approximate $1.8 million, or 16%, increase in BoardEx subscription revenue, which had a 10% increase in the weighted-average number of subscriptions and a 6% increase in the average revenue recognized per subscription, combined with a $282 thousand, or 24%, increase in The Deal event revenue. This increase in revenue was offset by an approximate $64 thousand, or 1%, decrease in subscription revenue from The Deal products, which had an 6% decline in the weighted-average number of subscriptions partially offset by a 5% increase in the average revenue recognized per subscription, together with a decrease from BoardEx one-time projects totaling approximately $110 thousand.
  • Business to consumer revenue decreased by approximately $3.5 million, or 11%, in 2018 as compared to 2017. This decrease was primarily due to a decline approximating $3.0 million, or 32%, in advertising revenue, resulting from the Company’s decision to forego less profitable programmatic revenue as well as a decline in leads generated from our advertising partners, a $462 thousand, or 2%, decline in revenue generated from premium subscription products, which had a 3% decrease in the weighted-average number of subscriptions, partially offset by a 1% increase in the average revenue recognized per subscription, and a decrease in licensing and syndication revenue of approximately $273 thousand, or 22%. Partially offsetting these declines was an increase of $243 thousand of event related revenue.
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