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End of quarter 30 Sep 20
$291.46M 870.32K
$117.46M 399.53K
$104.15M 3.96M
$67.2M 241.88K
Willscot Mobil Mini HLDNG Co
$52.43M 3.14M
$40.21M 93.73K
$39.07M 1.39M
$38.96M 336.44K
$37.08M 5.38M
$35.21M 1.35M
$32.58M 531.52K
$31.86M 1.52M
$30.25M 878.72K
$28.25M 468.83K
$28.16M 1.09M
$26.38M 2.5M
$25.7M 1.14M
$25.62M 358.55K
$21.6M 375K
$21.27M 683.31K
$18.58M 149.74K
$18.23M 470.62K
$17.12M 1.45M
$16.96M 652.11K
$15.82M 9.25K
$15.66M 182.14K
$14.95M 100K
$14.81M 447.7K
$14.72M 412.5K
$14.36M 231.15K
$14.21M 224.87K
$13.92M 83.86K
$13.62M 160.16K
$13.4M 359.49K
$13.15M 118.01K
$13.13M 31.73K
$12.59M 198.43K
$12.56M 298.57K
$12.49M 340.35K
$12.41M 195K
$12.03M 792.6K
$12.02M 84.14K
$11.82M 112.08K
$11.56M 331.29K
$11.4M 57.87K
$11.34M 38.8K
$11.16M 696.51K
$11.12M 109.03K
$11.11M 144.5K
$10.81M 34.67K
Holdings list only includes long positions. Only includes long positions.


9 Oct 20
24 Jan 21
30 Nov 21


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Financial data from Jefferies earnings reports.

Financial report summary

  • Legislation and new and pending regulation may significantly affect our business.
  • Extensive regulation of our business limits our activities, and, if we violate these regulations, we may be subject to significant penalties.
  • Changing financial, economic and political conditions could result in decreased revenues, losses or other adverse consequences.
  • If our tax filing positions were to be challenged by federal, state and local, or foreign tax jurisdictions, we may not be wholly successful in defending our tax filing positions.
  • Damage to our reputation could damage our business.
  • Our business is subject to significant credit risk.
  • A credit-rating agency downgrade could significantly impact our business.
  • Our principal trading and investments expose us to risk of loss.
  • We are exposed to market risk.
  • We may incur losses if our risk management is not effective.
  • As a holding company, we are dependent for liquidity from payments from our subsidiaries, many of which are subject to restrictions.
  • Increased competition may adversely affect our revenues and profitability.
  • The ability to attract, develop and retain highly skilled and productive employees is critical to the success of our business.
  • Operational risks may disrupt our business, result in regulatory action against us or limit our growth.
  • We face numerous risks and uncertainties as we expand our business.
  • Legal liability may harm our business.
  • Employee misconduct, which is difficult to detect and deter, could harm us by impairing our ability to attract and retain clients and subject us to significant legal liability and reputational harm.
Management Discussion
  • For presentation purposes, the remainder of “Results of Operations” is presented on a detailed product and expense basis, rather than on a business segment basis. Net revenues presented for our Investment Banking and Capital Markets businesses include allocations of interest income and interest expense as we assess the profitability of these businesses inclusive of the net interest revenue or expense associated with the respective activities, including the net interest cost of allocated long-term debt, which is a function of the mix of each business’s associated assets and liabilities and the related funding costs.
  • The key components of asset management revenues are the level of assets under management and the performance return, whether on an absolute basis or relative to a benchmark or hurdle. These components can be affected by financial markets, profits and losses in the applicable investment portfolios and client capital activity. Further, asset management fees vary with the nature of investment management services. The terms under which clients may terminate our investment management authority, and the requisite notice period for such termination, varies depending on the nature of the investment vehicle and the liquidity of the portfolio assets. Performance fees during 2019 and 2018 are generally recognized once a year, typically in December, at the end of the performance period to the extent that the benchmark return has been met. Performance fees during 2017 were accrued (or reversed) on a monthly basis based on measuring performance to date versus any relevant benchmark return hurdles stated in the investment management agreement.
  • The change in assets under management during 2019 is primarily due to redemptions from certain funds and separately managed accounts, partially offset by market appreciation and new subscriptions and investments from third-parties.
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