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Eitan Oppenhaim
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12 Mar 20
30 Nov 20
31 Dec 20


57.1% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders
Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 97 100 -3.0%
Opened positions 10 20 -50.0%
Closed positions 13 8 +62.5%
Increased positions 29 26 +11.5%
Reduced positions 34 40 -15.0%
13F shares
Current Prev Q Change
Total value 840.58M 764.11M +10.0%
Total shares 16.12M 15.87M +1.6%
Total puts 21.7K 47.3K -54.1%
Total calls 142K 177.7K -20.1%
Total put/call ratio 0.2 0.3 -42.6%
Largest owners
Shares Value Change
Wasatch Advisors 1.78M $93.01M +1.9%
Adage Capital Partners GP, L.L.C. 1.74M $90.88M -7.9%
Renaissance Technologies 1.72M $89.83M -6.2%
Harel Insurance Investments & Financial Services 1.32M $68.73M +1.4%
Menora Mivtachim 1.21M $62.98M 0.0%
Acadian Asset Management 1.08M $56.56M -1.6%
Migdal Insurance & Financial 1.06M $55.22M +6.0%
Vanguard 736.67K $38.41M -0.1%
Meitav Dash Investments 658.88K $34.47M +129.6%
Clal Insurance Enterprises 397.21K $20.71M 0.0%
Largest transactions
Shares Bought/sold Change
Meitav Dash Investments 658.88K +371.89K +129.6%
Loomis Sayles & Co L P 170.17K +170.17K NEW
Adage Capital Partners GP, L.L.C. 1.74M -150.27K -7.9%
PXGPE Phoenix 137.33K -116.94K -46.0%
Altshuler Shaham 233.25K +114.29K +96.1%
Renaissance Technologies 1.72M -114.2K -6.2%
Ibex Investors 300K -100K -25.0%
Migdal Insurance & Financial 1.06M +60K +6.0%
MS Morgan Stanley 214.85K +55.09K +34.5%
D. E. Shaw & Co. 22.41K -42.9K -65.7%

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Feed-forward of Multi-layer and Multi-process Information Using XPS and XRF Technologies
26 Nov 20
Methods and systems for feed-forward of multi-layer and multi-process information using XPS and XRF technologies are disclosed.
Optical Phase Measurement System and Method
12 Nov 20
A method for use in optical measurements on patterned structures, the method including performing a number of optical measurements on a structure with a measurement spot configured to provide detection of light reflected from an illuminating spot at least partially covering at least two different regions of the structure, the measurements including detecting light reflected from the at least part of the at least two different regions within the measurement spot, the detected light including interference of at least two complex electric fields reflected from the at least part of the at least two different regions, and being therefore indicative of a phase response of the structure, carrying information about properties of the structure.
XPS metrology for process control in selective deposition
13 Oct 20
XPS spectra are used to analyze and monitor various steps in the selective deposition process.
Metrology Method and System
17 Sep 20
A control system for use in measuring one or more parameters of a patterned structure.
Process Control of Semiconductor Fabrication Based on Linkage Between Different Fabrication Steps
3 Sep 20
Process control during manufacture of semiconductor devices by collecting scatterometric spectra of a FinFET reference fin structure on a reference semiconductor wafer at a first checkpoint proximate to a first processing step during fabrication of the reference semiconductor wafer, collecting reference measurements of the reference fin structure at a second checkpoint proximate to a second processing step subsequent to the first checkpoint, and performing machine learning to identify correspondence between the scatterometric spectra and values based on the reference measurements and train a prediction model for producing a prediction value associated with a corresponding production fin structure of the FinFET on a production semiconductor wafer based on scatterometric spectra of the production fin structure collected at the corresponding first checkpoint during fabrication of the production semiconductor wafer.