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Bemis Co., Inc. engages in the manufacture and sale of packaging for the food, healthcare, and pharmaceutical companies. It operates through the U.S. Packaging and Global Packaging segment. The U.S. Packaging segment represents all food, consumer, and industrial products packaging-related manufacturing operations located in the United States. The Global Packaging segment includes all packaging-related manufacturing operations located outside of the United States as well as medical device and pharmaceutical packaging-related manufacturing operations. The company was founded by Judson Moss Bemis in 1858 and is headquartered in Neenah, WI.

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William F. Austen
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Glass and Polymer Rigid Articles
26 Aug 20
Multilayered molded articles comprising a glass layer interposed between first and second non-glass layers are described.
Transdermal Patch Packaging Film
20 May 20
A multilayer flexible film for packaging a transdermal patch product comprising a pharmaceutical active agent comprises: a product-contacting sealing layer comprising a co-polyester having a surface energy of at least 50 dyne/cm2; and one or more layers above the product-contacting sealing layer.
Transparent retail bag-in-box package
18 May 20
A retail bag-in-box transparent package having a flovvable product contained in a bag which is contained in a polymeric box where the box has (i) a flat bottom panel, an opposing top panel, and a self-supporting, upstanding, at least partially transparent wail connecting the bottom and top panels, and (ii) an access port through the box adapted for providing communication means for removing product from the bag, which is a flexible thermoplastic bag (capacity ≤1 liter (1000 ml)) attached to an interior surface of the box proximate the access port, where at least a portion of the bag has a transparent wall overlapping the transparent box portion to provide visual access to the product.
Flexible Resealable Packages
6 May 20
Resealable packages having a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) layer that is fully integrated into the packaging film and a removable portion easily accessed by a peel tab at the edge of the package, adjacent to a score.
Films with Retort-shock Recovery
8 Apr 20
A multilayer barrier film for food packaging comprises an outer layer comprising a retortable grade ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) copolymer; a sealing layer; and one or more inner layers located between the outer layer and the sealing layer.