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Proxy contests and exempt solicitations in last 3 years

No recent proxy contest or exempt solicitation filings from shareholders.

Vote support at last AGM
The Annual Meeting of Hennessy Advisors, Inc. was held on February 11, 2021. At the Annual Meeting, the following directors were elected for terms expiring at the annual meeting of shareholders to be held in 2022 by the votes indicated:

ForWithheldBroker Non‑votes
Neil J. Hennessy4,444,28479,3511,065,691
Teresa M. Nilsen4,444,78078,8551,065,691
Daniel B. Steadman4,444,04279,5931,065,691
Henry Hansel4,446,47077,1651,065,691
Brian A. Hennessy4,407,128116,5071,065,691
Daniel G. Libarle4,392,459131,1761,065,691
Rodger Offenbach4,391,496132,1391,065,691
Susan W. Pomilia4,431,46092,1751,065,691
Thomas L. Seavey4,440,42583,2101,065,691

The following reflects the voting results for matters other than the election of directors brought for vote at the Annual Meeting:

ForAgainstAbstainedBroker Non‑votes
Ratification of the selection of Marcum LLP as the independent registered public accounting firm for Hennessy Advisors, Inc. for fiscal year 20215,423,50012,181153,6450