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Regal was organized on March 6, 2002 and is the parent company of Regal Entertainment Holdings, Inc. ("REH"), which is the parent company of Regal Cinemas Corporation ("Regal Cinemas") and its subsidiaries. Regal Cinemas' subsidiaries include Regal Cinemas, Inc. ("RCI") and its subsidiaries, which include Edwards Theatres, Inc. ("Edwards"), Regal CineMedia Corporation ("RCM") and United Artists Theatre Company ("United Artists"). The terms Regal or the Company, REH, Regal Cinemas, RCI, Edwards, RCM and United Artists shall be deemed to include the respective subsidiaries of such entities when used in discussions included herein regarding the current operations or assets of such entities. The Company manages its business under one reportable segment: theatre exhibition operations. Our Internet address is Our annual reports on Form 10-K, quarterly reports on Form 10-Q and current reports on Form 8-K, and any amendments to these reports, are available free of charge on our Internet website under the heading "Investor Relations" as soon as reasonably practicable after we electronically file such material with, or furnish it to, the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "Commission"). The contents of our Internet website are not incorporated into this report.

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