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We are focused on developing leronlimab, a monoclonal antibody C - C chemokine receptor type 5 (“CCR5”) receptor antagonist, to be used as a platform drug for a variety of indications. The target of leronlimab is the immunologic receptor CCR5. The CCR5 receptor is a protein located on the surface of a variety of cells including white blood cells and cancer cells. On white blood cells, it serves as a receptor for chemical attractants called chemokines. The CCR5 receptor is also theco-receptor needed for certain strains of HIV to infect healthyT-cells. Recent research has identified the CCR5 receptor as an important target for many disease processes including cancer metastasis and certain immunological conditions. Leronlimab is a unique humanized monoclonal antibody. Leronlimab prevents certain strains of HIV from using the CCR5 receptor as an entry gateway for healthy cells.Pre-clinical research has also shown that leronlimab blocks calcium channel signaling of the CCR5 receptor when present on the cancer cell surface. Calcium channel signaling of the CCR5 receptor is a crucial component to the spread of metastatic cancer.

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Nader Z. Pourhassan
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CytoDyn Operations Inc. • Advanced Genetic Technologies, Inc. ...
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Cash on hand (at last report) 6.54M 6.54M 6.54M 6.54M 6.54M 6.54M
Cash burn (monthly) 9.13M 972.58K 10.31M 12.9M 10.58M 9.03M
Cash used (since last report) 16.55M 1.76M 18.68M 23.37M 19.17M 16.36M
Cash remaining -10M 4.78M -12.14M -16.82M -12.62M -9.82M
Runway (months of cash) -1.1 4.9 -1.2 -1.3 -1.2 -1.1

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Date Owner Security Transaction Code Indirect 10b5-1 $Price #Shares $Value #Remaining
18 Oct 21 Naydenov Jordan G NQSO Common Stock Grant Acquire A No No 1.39 225,000 312.75K 225,000
18 Oct 21 Timmins Alan P NQSO Common Stock Grant Acquire A No No 1.39 225,000 312.75K 225,000
18 Oct 21 Patel Samir Rashmikant NQSO Common Stock Grant Acquire A No No 1.39 225,000 312.75K 225,000
18 Oct 21 Pourhassan Nader NQSO Common Stock Grant Acquire A No No 1.39 4,275,000 5.94M 4,275,000
18 Oct 21 Gordon A Gardiner NQSO Common Stock Grant Acquire A No No 1.39 225,000 312.75K 225,000

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Total value 1.33M 1.71M -21.9%
Total shares 635.1K 632.79K +0.4%
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Rosenbaum Paul 635.1K $1.33M NEW
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Rosenbaum Paul 635.1K +635.1K NEW
Firsthand Capital Management 0 -322.73K EXIT
Fairfield, Bush & Co. 0 -125.91K EXIT
Diversified Trust 0 -45.79K EXIT
Next Capital Management 0 -37.5K EXIT
S.A. Mason 0 -19K EXIT
Livingston Group Asset Management 0 -17K EXIT
Captrust Financial Advisors 0 -16.14K EXIT
Taylor Wealth Management Partners 0 -11.95K EXIT
FineMark National Bank & Trust 0 -10K EXIT

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Management Discussion
  • For additional information regarding our business, our clinical trials and our progress toward the resubmission of our BLA, see Item 1. Business in this Form 10-K. We will require a significant amount of additional capital to complete the resubmission of our BLA to the FDA, as well as completing or advancing additional clinical trials in the COVID-19, oncology and immunology spaces. See “Liquidity and Capital Resources” below.
  • Net loss incurred during the fiscal years ended May 31, 2021 and 2020 was approximately $154.7 million and $124.4 million, respectively. The increase in net loss of approximately $30.3 million, or 24%, was primarily attributable to increased general and administrative (“G&A”) expenses, an intangible asset impairment charge, increased research and development (“R&D”) expenses, and increased loss from extinguishment of convertible notes, partially offset by decreased change in fair value of derivative liabilities and decreased legal settlement charges.
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CCR5 Binding Agent for the Treatment of CCR5 Positive Metastatic Cancer
15 Jul 21
The present disclosure relates to the use of CCR5 binding agents, such as the leronlimab, in the treatment or prevention of CCR5+ metastatic cancer.
Methods of treating coronavirus infection
29 Jun 21
Provided herein are methods of preventing and treating viral infections (e.g., coronavirus infection) using a CCR5 binding agent.
Substitution Monotherapy Treatment for HIV-1 Infection Employing Antibody PRO140
9 Dec 20
This invention relates to the use of antibody therapy as a treatment substitute, or for treatment interruption, to treat HIV-1 infected patients.
Methods for Reducing Viral Load In HIV-1 Infected Patients
30 Sep 20
This invention provides a method of reducing viral load in an HIV-1-infected human subject which comprises administering to the subject an effective HIV-1 viral load reducing dose of a CCR5 receptor antagonist, such as a humanized antibody designated PRO 140 or an anti-CCR5 receptor monoclonal antibody, wherein the viral load reducing dose achieves an average maximum decrease of viral load in the subject of at least 1.83 log10 to 2.5 log10 at about ten days following administration of the CCR5 receptor antagonist and wherein the viral load reducing dose further achieves a mean viral load reduction of 1.7 log10 at about nine days following administration of the CCR5 receptor antagonist.
Substitution monotherapy treatment for HIV-1 infection employing antibody PRO140
17 Feb 20
This invention relates to the use of antibody therapy as a treatment substitute, or for treatment interruption, to treat HIV-1 infected patients.