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BancorpSouth Bank engages in conducting general commercial banking, trust, and insurance businesses through offices in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, and Illinois. It operates through the following segments: Banking Services Group, Mortgage, Insurance Agencies, Wealth Management, and General Corporate and Other. The Banking Services Group segment offers deposit products, commercial loans and consumer loans. The Mortgage segment includes mortgage banking activities of originating mortgage loans; selling mortgage loans in the secondary market; and servicing the mortgage loans that are sold on a servicing retained basis. The Insurance Agencies segment serve as agents in the sale of commercial lines of insurance and full lines of property and casualty, life, health, and employee benefits products and services. The Wealth Management segment provides individuals, businesses, governmental institutions, and non-profit entities a wide range of solutions to help protect, grow, and transfer wealth. The General Corporate and Other segment covers activities not allocated to Banking Services Group, Mortgage, Insurance Agencies or Wealth Management segments. The company was founded in 1876 and is headquartered in Tupelo, MS.

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James D. Rollins
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Top 50 of 192 long holdings
End of quarter 30 Sep 21
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%, QoQ
$71.59M 469.75K 450.91K +4.2
$70.53M 421.67K 421.97K -0.1
$37.38M 1.5M 1.5M 0
$24.27M 437.93K 406.86K +7.6
$24.14M 85.64K 83.28K +2.8
$21.11M 163.99K 163.21K +0.5
$19.44M 137.4K 136.59K +0.6
$18.71M 628.15K 632.03K -0.6
$14.71M 139.82K 142.12K -1.6
$13.77M 58.16K 55.85K +4.1
$13.05M 59.68K 56.46K +5.7
$11.13M 22.96K 22.87K +0.4
$10.17M 190.89K 189.15K +0.9
$10.1M 155.75K 155.02K +0.5
$9.95M 92.21K 91.9K +0.3
$9.58M 112.1K NEW
$9.04M 40.57K 39.85K +1.8
$8.91M 103.66K 102K +1.6
$8.77M 48.18K 47.43K +1.6
$8.66M 141.56K 140.49K +0.8
$8.4M 60.26K 60K +0.4
$7.77M 110.05K 109.35K +0.6
$7.7M 35.1K 34.23K +2.6
$7.63M 31.64K 31.31K +1.1
$7.07M 433.96K 241.72K +79.5
$7.06M 54.73K 53.36K +2.6
$7.05M 129.48K 128.39K +0.8
$6.95M 132.53K 131.98K +0.4
$6.5M 43.21K 42.11K +2.6
$6.48M 119.91K 87.57K +36.9
$6.45M 88.51K 87.96K +0.6
$6.43M 80.04K 78.95K +1.4
$6.42M 109.07K 109.84K -0.7
$6.24M 269.82K 215.55K +25.2
$6.23M 105.28K 102.44K +2.8
$5.96M 124.3K NEW
$5.93M 63.22K 63.15K +0.1
$5.88M 27.93K 27.47K +1.7
$5.75M 41.42K 39.06K +6.1
$5.55M 14.07K 14.27K -1.4
$5.41M 27.59K 27.34K +0.9
$5.38M 33.29K 32.72K +1.7
$5.29M 97.41K 97.15K +0.3
$5.28M 55.67K 53.34K +4.4
$5.11M 29.14K 28.96K +0.6
$4.7M 76.58K NEW
$4.21M 31.81K 31.43K +1.2
$4.05M 103.89K 80K +29.9
$3.91M 83.19K 82.11K +1.3
$3.87M 1.45K 1.45K 0
Holdings list only includes long positions. Only includes long positions.


4 Dec 21
31 Dec 21

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