Nstar Electric (NSARO)

We are regulated in virtually all aspects of our business by various federal and state agencies including FERC, the SEC, and various state and/or local regulatory authorities with jurisdiction over the industry and the service areas in which each of our companies operates including the PURA, which has jurisdiction over CL&P, Yankee Gas, and Aquarion, the NHPUC, which has jurisdiction over PSNH and Aquarion, and the DPU, which has jurisdiction over NSTAR Electric, NSTAR Gas, and Aquarion.


6 May 22
2 Jul 22
31 Dec 22
6.6% owned by funds/institutions
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Total holders 1 1
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Total value 1.03M 1.03M
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Baird Robert W & Co 11.95K $1.03M 0.0%
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