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Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)
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AgricultureAirAir qualityBiodieselBiodiversityBiofuelBiomassCap and TradeCarbonCarbon CaptureCarbon EmissionsCarbon NegativeCarbon NeutralCleanClean Water ActClimateClimate ChangeClimate RiskConservationDecarbonizeEcologicalEcosystemEmissionEnergy EfficiencyEnvironmentEnvironmentalEnvironmental ProtectionExtractionFossil FuelFuel EfficiencyGHGGHG EmissionsGlobal WarmingGreenGreenhouseGreenhouse GasGreenhouse Gas EmissionHazardIntensityLand useLandfillLow Carbon EconomyMaterialsMethaneNatural GasNatural ResourcesNatureNOxOffsetOilPandemicParis AgreementPetroleumPollutantPollutionRaw MaterialsRecyclingRenewableSoilSolarSpillWasteWastewaterWaterWindZero EmissionAccessBenefitsBlackCharitableCollective BargainingCommunityCultureCustomerCyberCybersecurityDeathDemographicDisabilityDiversityDiversity and InclusionEmployeeEmployee TrainingEngagementGenderHealth and SafetyHealthcareHiringHispanicHuman CapitalHuman RightsIncidentIncident rateInjuriesInjuryLabor StandardsMinorityOSHAOvertimePay EquityPerquisitesProduct QualityRecruitRecruitmentReimbursementRetentionRetirementSafetySatisfactionSkillSkilledSkillsSocialSocietyStakeholderSupplierSupply ChainTalentTrainingWorkersWorkforceAction PlanAssessmentAssuranceAuditBoard EvaluationBoard OversightBoard RefreshmentBonusClassifiedClawbackCommitmentConflict of InterestCorporate GovernanceCorporate PurposeDepartment ofESGEthicsExecutive CompensationExpertFraudGoalsGovernanceHedgingIncentiveIncentivizeIndependenceIndependentInvestigationLawsuitLeadershipLitigationLong-termMajorityMateriality AssessmentMissionOther Public Company BoardsOverseeOversightPerquisitePledgingProcurementProxy ContestPurposeQuality StandardRecoupReputationReputationalResponsibilityResponsibleSelf-evaluationStewardshipStrategySustainabilitySustainableTargetsTaxTenureTransparencyVoting Rights

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Vote support at last AGM

On June 14, 2021, the Company held its 2021 annual meeting of stockholders (the “Annual Meeting”). The Company’s stockholders considered and voted on five proposals at the Annual Meeting and cast their votes on each such proposal as set forth below.

Proposal 1: The holders of the Company’s common stock elected nine director nominees to the Company’s Board of Directors, each to serve for a one-year term until the Company’s next annual meeting of stockholders and until his or her respective successor is duly elected and qualified or until his or her earlier resignation or removal. The results of the voting on Proposal 1 were as follows:

Name of DirectorVotes
Andrew J. Littlefair121,095,0772,960,41534,945,349
Stephen A. Scully120,584,1593,471,33334,945,349
Lizabeth Ardisana116,491,1167,564,37634,945,349
Philippe Charleux111,811,29212,244,20034,945,349
Thomas Maurisse111,866,82212,188,67034,945,349
James C. Miller III119,667,3724,388,12034,945,349
Kenneth M. Socha108,560,77115,494,72134,945,349
Vincent C. Taormina108,272,25115,783,24134,945,349
Parker A. Weil118,280,6785,774,81434,945,349

Proposal 2: The holders of the Company’s common stock ratified the appointment of KPMG LLP as the Company’s independent registered public accounting firm for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2021. The results of the voting on Proposal 2 were as follows:

Votes For:154,633,117
Votes Against:3,793,795
Votes Abstained:573,929
Broker Non-Votes:

Proposal 3: The holders of the Company’s common stock approved, on an advisory, non-binding basis, the Company’s executive compensation. The results of the voting on Proposal 3 were as follows:

Votes For:115,723,952
Votes Against:6,512,571
Votes Abstained:1,818,969
Broker Non-Votes:34,945,349


Proposal 4: The holders of the Company’s common stock approved, for the purpose of complying with Nasdaq Listing Rule 5635(b), the issuance of shares of the Company’s common stock upon the exercise of a warrant issued by the Company to NV Investment Holdings LLC. The results of the voting on Proposal 4 were as follows:

Votes For:121,252,881
Votes Against:2,510,622
Votes Abstained:291,989
Broker Non-Votes:34,945,349

Proposal 5: The holders of the Company’s common stock approved the Certificate of Amendment to increase the number of shares of common stock the Company is authorized to issue from 304,000,000 to 454,000,000. The results of the voting on Proposal 5 were as follows:

Votes For:148,220,537
Votes Against:10,135,913
Votes Abstained:644,391
Broker Non-Votes: