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10 Sep 19
21 Nov 19
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Quarter (USD) Aug 19 May 19 Feb 19 Nov 18
Revenue 105.97M 87.13M 100.41M 113.03M
Net income 1.81M -10.15M -3.89M 454K
Diluted EPS 0.61 -0.29 -0.11 0.01
Net profit margin 1.71% -11.65% -3.87% 0.40%
Operating income 1.38M -9.67M -4.52M 830K
Net change in cash 4.5M -2.64M 9.38M -12.63M
Cash on hand 21.96M 17.46M 20.1M 10.72M
Annual (USD) Feb 19 Jan 17 Jan 16 Jan 15
Revenue 428.12M 487.19M
Net income -40.94M 42M 38.15M 32.11M
Diluted EPS -1.18 1.09 0.91 0.76
Net profit margin -9.56% 8.62%
Operating income -33.51M 67.93M 62.32M 52.77M
Net change in cash -33.1M -3.02M 17.15M
Cash on hand 20.1M 53.2M 56.22M 39.07M

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Management Discussion
  • Net sales decreased 6% to $106.0 million in the thirteen weeks ended August 3, 2019 from $113.0 million in the thirteen weeks ended August 4, 2018. This decrease was primarily due to a 5% decrease in comparable sales following a 13% decrease in the same period of the prior year. The decrease in comparable sales was the result of lower average unit retail prices associated with deeper markdowns. This was partially offset by higher boutique conversion rates and higher average units per transaction. There were 704 comparable boutiques and 14 non-comparable boutiques open at August 3, 2019 compared to 663 and 79, respectively, at August 4, 2018.
  • Cost of goods sold and occupancy costs decreased 5% to $65.5 million in the thirteen weeks ended August 3, 2019 from $68.9 million in the thirteen weeks ended August 4, 2018. Cost of merchandise and shipping expenses decreased by $2.3 million primarily due to decreased sales volume during the quarter. Occupancy costs decreased by $1.1 million due to lower depreciation associated with boutiques impaired in fiscal year 2018 and lower demolition costs associated with boutique remodels.
  • As a percentage of net sales, cost of goods sold and occupancy costs increased to 61.8% in the thirteen weeks ended August 3, 2019 from 61.0% in the thirteen weeks ended August 4, 2018, an unfavorable variance of 80 basis points. This change was due to lower merchandise margins and deleveraging of occupancy costs as a result of lower sales. The decrease in merchandise margins was due to deeper markdowns but was partially offset by lower marked-out-of-stock charges.
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