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Corporate Outfitters, Inc., Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc., Liberty Capital Asset Management, Inc.
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19 Sep 18
11 Jul 20
31 Mar 21


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Quarter (USD) Mar 15 Dec 14 Sep 14 Jun 14
Revenue 727 -734 105.01K
Net income -197.01K -2.3M -2.43M -4.55M
Diluted EPS -0.34
Net profit margin -27099% 313170% -2315%
Cash on hand
Cost of revenue 639 11.35K 50.55K
Annual (USD) Mar 15 Mar 14 Mar 13 Mar 12
Revenue 107.55K
Net income -9.48M -13.05M -6.77M -2.01M
Diluted EPS -0.05 -1.4 -0.06 -0.05
Net profit margin -8815%
Operating income -7.16M -7.31M -5.3M -1.72M
Net change in cash 1.21M
Cash on hand 1.26M 53.63K
Cost of revenue 64.54K

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