On August 9, 2013, PeopleString Corporation, and its wholly-owned subsidiary, RewardString Corporation (“RewardString”), and Vape Holdings Inc., a Nevada corporation (the “Private Company”), entered into a Merger and Reorganization Agreement (the “Agreement”) whereby the Private Company merged with RewardString, with the Private Company being the surviving entity (the “Merger”). In consideration for the merger, the shareholders of the Private Company received a total of approximately 4,684,538   shares of common stock of the merged company on a pro rata basis in exchange for 8,875 shares of the Private Company’s common stock, representing 100% of the outstanding common stock of the Private Company. The total shares of the merged company issued on a pro rata basis to the Private Company shareholders represented approximately 74.95% of the total issued and outstanding common stock of the merged company.

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Benjamin Beaulieu
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Peoplestring Corp
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22 Mar 19
27 Oct 21
30 Sep 22

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