Banco Santander (BSBR)

Banco Santander (Brasil) SA engages in the provision of banking and financial services. It operates through the following segments: Commercial Bank and Global Wholesale Banking. The Commercial Bank segment focuses on loans, cards, mortgages, consumer financing, payroll, agribusiness, micro credit, and corporate and private banking. The Global Wholesale Banking segment offers financial services and structured solutions to its customers. The company was founded on August 9, 1985 and is headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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28 Feb 22
8 Aug 22
31 Dec 22
Quarter (USD) Dec 21 Dec 20 Dec 19 Dec 18
Cost of revenue
Operating income
Operating margin
Net income
Net profit margin
Cash on hand
Change in cash
Diluted EPS
Annual (USD) Dec 21 Dec 20 Dec 19 Dec 18
Cost of revenue
Operating income
Operating margin
Net income
Net profit margin
Cash on hand
Change in cash
Diluted EPS
0.1% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 24 25 -4.0%
Opened positions 3 2 +50.0%
Closed positions 4 4
Increased positions 10 9 +11.1%
Reduced positions 6 9 -33.3%
13F shares Current Prev Q Change
Total value 24.68M 250.79M -90.2%
Total shares 3.13M 3.09M +1.1%
Total puts 243K 0 NEW
Total calls 0 0
Total put/call ratio Infinity
Largest owners Shares Value Change
GS Goldman Sachs 1.12M $8.65M +18.9%
Parametric Portfolio Associates 978.76K $7.54M +27.1%
PineBridge Investments 205.57K $1.58M +26.7%
Marshall Wace 175.39K $1.35M +232.2%
BCS Barclays 116.05K $893K +10527.5%
NTRS Northern Trust 115.31K $888K +48.3%
Smith Group Asset Management 112.7K $868K +12.8%
BAC Bank Of America 94.02K $724K -86.2%
Comerica Bank 58.08K $444K 0.0%
Yousif Capital Management 58.08K $447K 0.0%
Largest transactions Shares Bought/sold Change
BAC Bank Of America 94.02K -584.96K -86.2%
Parametric Portfolio Associates 978.76K +208.4K +27.1%
GS Goldman Sachs 1.12M +178.83K +18.9%
Marshall Wace 175.39K +122.59K +232.2%
BCS Barclays 116.05K +114.96K +10527.5%
PineBridge Investments 205.57K +43.34K +26.7%
BNP Paribas Arbitrage 795 -42.78K -98.2%
NTRS Northern Trust 115.31K +37.56K +48.3%
PVD Provida Pension Fund Administrator 0 -31.92K EXIT
Jump Financial 0 -28.21K EXIT

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