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10 Sep 19
18 Sep 19
1 Feb 20


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Quarter (USD) Aug 19 May 19 Feb 19 Nov 18
Revenue 472.72M 451.27M 628.43M 514.96M
Net income -9.7M -9.93M -1.09M 7.97M
Diluted EPS -0.14 -0.15 -0.02 0.11
Net profit margin -2.05% -2.20% -0.17% 1.55%
Operating income -9.76M -11.55M 12.56M 10.2M
Net change in cash 9.73M -27.44M 10.48M -29.66M
Cash on hand 153.96M 144.23M 171.67M 161.19M
Cost of revenue 346.22M 328.77M 356.81M
Annual (USD) Feb 19 Jan 17 Jan 16 Jan 15
Revenue 2.12B 2.19B 2.35B 2.17B
Net income 9.63M 58.34M 116.51M 68.33M
Diluted EPS 0.13 0.74 1.38 0.81
Net profit margin 0.46% 2.66% 4.96% 3.16%
Operating income 28.22M 105.08M 207.24M 136.6M
Net change in cash -35.7M 20.47M -159.26M
Cash on hand 171.67M 207.37M 186.9M 346.16M

Financial data from Express earnings reports

Financial report summary

  • Our business is sensitive to consumer spending and general economic conditions. Recessionary, slow growth, or other difficult economic conditions could adversely affect our financial performance.
  • Our ability to attract customers to our stores that are located in malls or other shopping centers depends heavily on the success of these malls and shopping centers, and continued decreases in customer traffic in these malls or shopping centers, whether due to the growing preference for online shopping or otherwise, could cause our net sales and our profitability to be less than expected.
  • We face significant competition that could adversely affect our ability to generate higher net sales and margins.
  • We do not own or operate any manufacturing facilities and therefore depend upon third parties for the manufacture of all of our merchandise. The inability of a manufacturer to ship goods on-time to our specifications or to operate in compliance with our Vendor Code of Conduct or applicable laws could negatively impact our business.
  • The raw materials used to manufacture our products and our transportation and labor costs are subject to availability constraints and price volatility, which could result in increased costs.
  • The interruption of the flow of merchandise from international manufacturers or increased tariffs on imports could disrupt our supply chain.
  • If we encounter difficulties associated with distribution facilities or if they were to shut down for any reason, we could face shortages of inventory in our stores, delayed shipments to our online customers, and harm to our reputation.
  • We rely upon independent third-party transportation providers for substantially all of our product shipments and are subject to increased shipping costs as well as the potential inability of our third-party transportation providers to deliver on a timely basis.
  • We rely on third parties to provide us with certain key services for our business. If any of these third parties fails to perform their obligations to us or declines to provide services to us in the future, we may suffer a disruption to our business. Furthermore, we may be unable to provide these services or implement substitute arrangements on a timely basis with terms favorable to us.
  • Our business is highly dependent upon our ability to identify and respond to new and changing fashion trends, customer preferences, and other related factors. Our inability to identify and respond to these new trends may lead to inventory markdowns and write-offs, which could adversely affect us and our brand image.
  • Our sales, profitability, and cash levels fluctuate on a seasonal basis and are affected by a variety of factors, including consumer demand, our product offerings relative to customer demand, the mix of merchandise we offer, promotions, inventory levels, and our sales mix between stores and e-commerce.
  • Our business depends in part on a strong brand image. If we are unable to maintain and enhance our brand, or our brand reputation is damaged for any reason, we may fail to attract customers and suffer a significant decline in sales.
  • Consumer behavior is rapidly changing, and if we are unable to successfully adapt to consumer shopping preferences and develop and maintain a relevant and reliable omni-channel experience for our customers, our financial performance and brand image could be adversely affected.
  • We depend on key executive management and may not be able to retain or replace these individuals or recruit additional personnel, which could harm our business.
  • We rely significantly on information systems and any failure, inadequacy, interruption, or security failure of those systems could harm our ability to effectively operate our business, cause a decrease in our net sales, increase our expenses, and harm our reputation.
  • We may be exposed to risks and costs associated with the loss of customer information that would cause us to incur unexpected expenses, loss of revenues, and reputational harm.
  • We have, and will continue to have, significant lease obligations. We are subject to risks associated with leasing substantial amounts of space, including future increases in occupancy costs and the need to generate significant cash flow to meet our lease obligations.
  • The terms of our Revolving Credit Facility may restrict our current and future operations, which could adversely affect our ability to respond to changes in our business and to manage our operations.
  • We may recognize impairment on long-lived assets.
  • There are claims made against us from time to time that can result in litigation or regulatory proceedings which could distract management from our business activities and result in significant liability.
  • Changes in laws, including employment laws and laws related to our merchandise, could make conducting our business more expensive or otherwise change the way we do business.
  • We may be unable to protect our trademarks or other intellectual property rights, may be precluded from using trademarks in certain countries, and may face claims from third parties for intellectual property infringement, any of which could harm our business.
  • Changes in tax law, tax requirements, results of tax audits, and other factors may cause fluctuations in our effective tax rate and operating results.
  • If we fail to establish and maintain adequate internal controls over financial reporting, we may not be able to report our financial results in a timely and reliable manner, which could harm our business and impact the value of our securities.
  • Our ability to pay dividends and repurchase shares is subject to restrictions in our Revolving Credit Facility, results of operations, and capital requirements.
  • Anti-takeover provisions in our charter documents and Delaware law may discourage or delay acquisition attempts for us that our stockholders might consider favorable.
Management Discussion
  • Express is a leading fashion brand for women and men. Since 1980, Express has provided the latest apparel and accessories to help customers build a wardrobe for every occasion, offering fashion and quality at an attractive value. The Company operates more than 600 retail and factory outlet stores in the United States and Puerto Rico, as well as an online destination.
  • Effective January 22, 2019, we announced that David Kornberg would no longer serve as Chief Executive Officer, President or as a member of the Board. On the same date, the Board appointed Matthew Moellering as Interim Chief Executive Officer and Interim President until a permanent Chief Executive Officer and President is appointed. On May 21, 2019, the Board appointed Timothy Baxter to serve as Chief Executive Officer and as a member of the Board of the Company, effective as of June 17, 2019. Following Mr. Baxter’s appointment, Mr. Moellering has continued to serve as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.
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