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Lifeloc Technologies, Inc., a Colorado corporation (“Lifeloc” or the “Company”) held its Annual Meeting of Shareholders on May 10, 2021 (the “Annual Meeting”). As of the record date of the Annual Meeting, there were 2,422,416 shares of Common Stock issued and outstanding and entitled to vote at the Annual Meeting.

The following matters were submitted and voted upon at the Annual Meeting:

1.Lifeloc stockholders voted to elect five individuals to the Board of Directors for the succeeding year as set forth below.

NameNumber of Shares ForNumber of Shares WithheldNumber of Shares AbstainingBroker Non-Votes
Wayne R. Willkomm, Ph.D.1,922,15403260
Vern D. Kornelsen1,922,15403260
Robert Greenlee1,922,15403260
Donald E. Siecke1,922,15403260
Michael J. Kornelsen, D.M.A.1,922,15403260

2.Stockholders voted to ratify the appointment of Causey Demgen & Moore P.C. as its independent registered public accountant for fiscal year 2021 as set forth below.

Number of Shares ForNumber of Shares AgainstNumber of Shares AbstainingBroker Non-Votes