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Gary Muto
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10 Oct 19
18 Nov 19
3 Aug 20


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Quarter (USD) Aug 19 May 19 Feb 19 Nov 18
Revenue 1.45B 1.27B 1.69B 1.59B
Net income -357.9M -237.9M -71.5M 5.9M
Diluted EPS -1.81 -1.2 -0.36 0.03
Net profit margin -24.61% -18.80% -4.22% 0.37%
Operating income -354.5M -249M -51.8M 38.9M
Net change in cash 227.2M -113.8M 15.7M -32.1M
Cash on hand 328M 100.8M 214.6M 198.9M
Cost of revenue 665M 543.4M 810M 646.2M
Annual (USD) Aug 19 Jul 17 Jul 16 Jul 15
Revenue 5.49B 5.62B
Net income -661.4M -1.07B -11.9M -236.8M
Diluted EPS -3.35 -5.48 -0.06 -1.46
Net profit margin -12.04% -19.00%
Operating income -681.4M -1.33B 93.8M -234.9M
Net change in cash 21.7M -65.5M 131.2M 83.7M
Cash on hand 328M 306.3M 371.8M 240.6M
Cost of revenue 2.43B 2.33B 3.07B 2.13B

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TargetGapWalmartThe TJX Cos., Inc.Maidenform BrandsGAPTarget
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