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Gary G. Friedman
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Restoration Hardware Holdings Inc
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30 Mar 20
6 Apr 20
1 Feb 21


Company financial data Financial data

Quarter (USD) Feb 20 Nov 19 Aug 19 May 19
Revenue 664.98M 677.53M 706.51M 706.51M
Net income 68.43M 52.46M 63.76M 35.72M
Diluted EPS 2.66 2.17 2.86 1.43
Net profit margin 10.29% 7.74% 9.02% 5.06%
Operating income 100.98M 89.24M 103.98M 68.63M
Net change in cash 9.41M 26.7M -26M 31.75M
Cash on hand 47.66M 38.25M 11.56M 37.55M
Cost of revenue 381.9M 393.36M 411.56M 365.61M
Annual (USD) Feb 20 Jan 17 Jan 16 Jan 15
Revenue 2.65B 2.13B 2.11B 1.87B
Net income 220.38M 5.4M 91.1M 91M
Diluted EPS 9.07 0.13 2.16 2.2
Net profit margin 8.32% 0.25% 4.32% 4.87%
Operating income 362.83M 53.04M 185.56M 165.73M
Net change in cash -39.37M -244.44M 185.78M
Cash on hand 47.66M 87.02M 331.47M 145.69M
Cost of revenue 1.55B 1.46B 1.36B 1.18B

Financial data from RH earnings reports

Date Owner Security Transaction Code $Price #Shares $Value #Remaining
19 Dec 19 Hilary K Krane Common Stock Gift Dispose G 0 2,300 0 6,618
11 Dec 19 Friedman Gary G Common Stock Option exercise Aquire M 46.5 22,864 1.06M 2,032,968
11 Dec 19 Friedman Gary G Common Stock Sell Dispose S 232.0392 46,787 10.86M 1,891,030
11 Dec 19 Friedman Gary G Common Stock Sell Dispose S 230.8712 44,234 10.21M 1,937,817
11 Dec 19 Friedman Gary G Common Stock Sell Dispose S 233.168 1,100 256.48K 1,982,051
11 Dec 19 Friedman Gary G Common Stock Sell Dispose S 232.3943 13,657 3.17M 1,983,151
11 Dec 19 Friedman Gary G Common Stock Sell Dispose S 231.08 13,296 3.07M 1,996,808
11 Dec 19 Friedman Gary G Common Stock Sell Dispose S 232.4458 700 162.71K 2,010,104
11 Dec 19 Friedman Gary G Common Stock Sell Dispose S 231.095 320 73.95K 2,010,804
11 Dec 19 Friedman Gary G Common Stock Sell Dispose S 232.6794 1,362 316.91K 2,011,124
13.2% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders
Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 3 3
Opened positions 1 0 +Infinity%
Closed positions 1 2 -50.0%
Increased positions 0 1 -100.0%
Reduced positions 1 1
13F shares
Current Prev Q Change
Total value 4.52M 4.49M +0.7%
Total shares 2.5M 3M -16.7%
Total puts 0 0
Total calls 0 0
Total put/call ratio
Largest owners
Shares Value Change
Capstone Investment Advisors 2M $3.62M -33.3%
POLR Polar Capital 500K $904K NEW
Proequities 0 $0
Largest transactions
Shares Bought/sold Change
Capstone Investment Advisors 2M -1M -33.3%
POLR Polar Capital 500K +500K NEW
Gemmer Asset Management 0 -80 EXIT
Proequities 0 0

Financial report summary

  • The global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus is likely to have an adverse impact on our business.
  • We have experienced significant fluctuations in the growth rate of our business during the last several years, and high levels of growth may not be achieved in future periods and may not generate a corresponding improvement in our results of operations.
  • We are undertaking a large number of business initiatives at the same time, including exploring opportunities to expand into new categories and complementary businesses. If these initiatives are not successful, they may have a negative impact on our results of operations.
  • Changes in consumer spending and factors that influence spending of the specific categories of consumers that purchase from us, including the health of the high-end housing market, may significantly impact our revenue and results of operations.
  • If we are unable to maintain and enhance our brand or market our product offerings, we may be unable to attract a sufficient number of customers or sell sufficient quantities of our products.
  • Our failure to successfully manage the strategy and costs of our Source Book mailings or other promotional programs and costs could have a negative impact on our business.
  • Competition in the home furnishings sector of the retail market may adversely affect our future financial performance.
  • If we fail to successfully anticipate consumer preferences and demand our results of operations may be adversely affected.
  • If we fail to successfully and timely deliver merchandise to our customers and manage our supply chain commensurate with demand, our results of operations may be adversely affected.
  • We are subject to risks associated with our dependence on foreign manufacturing and imports for our merchandise.
  • Our growth strategy and performance depend on our ability to purchase quality merchandise in sufficient quantities at competitive prices, including products that are produced by artisans and specialty vendors. Any disruptions we experience in our ability to obtain quality products in a timely fashion or in the quantities required could have a material adverse effect on our business.
  • Our vendors may sell similar or identical products to our competitors or on their own, which could harm our business.
  • Defective merchandise purchased from our vendors could damage our reputation and brand image and harm our business, and we may not have adequate remedies against our vendors for defective merchandise.
  • Our results may be adversely affected by fluctuations in raw materials, energy costs and currency exchange rates.
  • We are subject to risks associated with occupying substantial amounts of space, including future increases in occupancy costs. We are pursuing various alternatives to traditional leasing of our Gallery locations that may subject us to a range of risks related to real estate development including risks related to construction and development of locations, risks related to the financing of commercial real estate and the market for commercial real estate.
  • A number of factors that affect our ability to successfully open new stores within the time frames we initially target or optimize our store footprint are beyond our control, and these factors may harm our ability to execute our strategy to transform our real estate, which may negatively affect our results of operations.
  • Reductions in the volume of mall and other in-store traffic or the closing of shopping malls as a result of changing demographic patterns could significantly reduce our sales.
  • If we are unable to successfully optimize and operate our distribution centers, furniture home delivery centers and other aspects of our supply chain and customer delivery network, or if we are not able to fulfill orders and deliver our merchandise to our customers in an effective manner, our business and results of operations will be harmed.
  • We currently rely upon independent third-party transportation providers for the majority of our product shipments, which subjects us to certain risks.
  • Our operations have significant liquidity and capital requirements and depend on the availability of adequate financing and sources of capital on reasonable terms. If we fail to use our financial resources effectively, or if we are unable to obtain sufficient capital when needed, it could have a significant negative effect on our ability to grow our business.
  • Our business is dependent on certain key personnel; if we lose key personnel or are unable to hire additional qualified personnel, our business may be harmed.
  • Material damage to, or interruptions in, our information systems as a result of external factors, staffing shortages, cybersecurity breaches or cyber fraud, or difficulties in updating our existing software or developing or implementing new software could have a material adverse effect on our business or results of operations, and we may be exposed to risks and costs associated with protecting the integrity and security of our customers’ information.
  • We face product liability risks and certain of our products may be subject to recalls or other actions by regulatory authorities, and any such recalls or similar actions could have a material adverse effect on our business.
  • We are involved in legal and regulatory proceedings from time to time that may affect our Company and/or our management including litigation, claims, investigations and regulatory and other proceedings, which could distract management from our business activities and result in significant liability.
  • Intellectual property claims by third parties or our failure or inability to protect our intellectual property rights could diminish the value of our brand and weaken our competitive position.
  • Compliance with laws, including laws relating to our business activities outside of the United States, may be costly, and changes in laws could make conducting our business more expensive or otherwise change the way we do business.
  • Labor organizing and other activities could negatively impact us.
  • Fluctuations in our tax obligations and effective tax rate and realization of our deferred tax assets, including net operating loss carryforwards, may result in volatility of our results of operations.
  • Changes to accounting rules or regulations may adversely affect our results of operations.
  • We may be unsuccessful in identifying attractive acquisition opportunities or, to the extent that we pursue attractive acquisition opportunities, we may be unsuccessful in completing or realizing the expected benefits of such acquisitions.
  • Our total assets include intangible assets with an indefinite life, goodwill, tradename and trademarks, and substantial amounts of long-lived assets, principally property and equipment and lease right-of-use assets. Changes to estimates or projections used to assess the fair value of these assets, or results of operations that are lower than our current estimates at certain store locations, may cause us to incur impairment charges that could adversely affect our results of operations.
  • If we are unable to implement and maintain effective internal control over financial reporting in the future, the accuracy and timeliness of our financial reporting may be adversely affected.
  • Our operations are subject to risks of natural or man-made disasters, acts of war, terrorism or widespread illness, any one of which could result in a business stoppage and negatively affect our results of operations.
  • Our common stock price may be volatile or may decline regardless of our operating performance.
  • Substantial future sales of our common stock, or the perception in the public markets that these sales may occur, may depress our stock price.
  • Anti-takeover provisions in our charter documents and Delaware law might discourage or delay acquisition attempts for us that you might consider favorable.
  • We do not expect to pay any cash dividends for the foreseeable future.
  • Expectations of our company relating to environmental, social and governance factors may impose additional costs and expose us to new risks.
  • We expect that our common stock may experience increased trading volatility in connection with our Convertible Notes Financing.
  • We may issue additional shares of our common stock or instruments convertible into shares of our common stock, including in connection with the conversion of the Notes, and thereby materially and adversely affect the market price of our common stock and the trading prices of the Notes.
  • The fundamental change provisions of the Notes and the terms of the Bond Hedge and Warrants may delay or hinder an otherwise beneficial takeover attempt of us.
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