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We are an industrial biotechnology company producing renewable chemicals. Our proprietary technology platform combines industrial biotechnology and chemical catalysis to convert bio-based feedstocks into renewable chemicals that are cost-competitive replacements for petroleum-derived chemicals used in a wide variety of everyday products including plastics, resins, paints, food additives and personal care products. We currently sell our first product, bio-succinic acid, to customers in a variety of chemical markets. We produce bio-succinic acid at our facility in Sarnia, Ontario. Succinic acid can be used to manufacture a wide variety of products used every day including plastics, food additives and personal care products, and can also be used as a building block for a number of derivative chemicals. We believe that our low-cost production capability and our development of bio-succinic derived products including BDO and THF, which are used to produce polyesters, plastics, spandex and other products, will provide us with access to what we estimate to be an approximately $8 billion market opportunity.

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9 May 18
26 Jan 22
31 Dec 22

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