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Brenton L. Saunders
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Actavis Ltd, Actavis plc

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5 Nov 19
21 Jan 20
31 Dec 20


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Quarter (USD) Sep 19 Jun 19 Mar 19 Dec 18
Revenue 4.05B 4.09B 3.6B 4.08B
Net income -786.8M -1.76B -2.41B -4.3B
Diluted EPS -2.4 -5.37 -7.25 -12.83
Net profit margin -19.42% -43.01% -66.94% -105%
Operating income -596.6M -1.26B -2.31B -5.38B
Net change in cash -413.9M 862.9M -91.9M -307.5M
Cash on hand 1.24B 1.65B 788.5M 880.4M
Cost of revenue 639M 652.3M 497.8M 590M
Annual (USD) Dec 18 Dec 17 Dec 16 Dec 15
Revenue 15.79B 15.94B 14.57B 12.69B
Net income -5.1B -4.13B 14.97B 3.92B
Diluted EPS -15.26 -13.19 38.18 10.01
Net profit margin -32.28% -25.88% 103% 30.86%
Operating income -6.25B -5.92B -1.83B -3.13B
Net change in cash -936.8M 93.2M 628M 846M
Cash on hand 880.4M 1.82B 1.72B 1.1B
Cost of revenue 2.19B 2.17B 1.86B 2.75B

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Method of Detecting Cleaved SNAP25 In Tissue Samples
17 Oct 19
Methods and compositions for detecting BoNT/A enzymatic activity in tissues or a tissue sample are described herein.
Processes for making cyclic lipid implants for intraocular use
15 Oct 19
Biocompatible implants comprising a cyclic lipid therapeutic agent are made using a low temperature melt extrusion process.
Preservative Free Brimonidine and Timolol Solutions
10 Oct 19
The present invention is directed to preservative-free solutions of brimonidine and timolol for lowering intra-ocular pressure and treatment of glaucoma.
Fusion Proteins and Methods for Treating, Preventing or Ameliorating Pain
10 Oct 19
A single chain, polypeptide fusion protein, comprising: a non-cytotoxic protease, which protease is capable of cleaving a protein of the exocytic fusion apparatus of a nociceptive sensory afferent (eg clostridial neurotoxin L-chain or IgA protease); a galanin Targeting Moiety that is capable of binding to a Binding Site on the nociceptive sensory afferent, which Binding Site is capable of undergoing endocytosis to be incorporated into an endosome within the nociceptive sensory afferent (eg GALR1, GALR2, or GALR3 receptor); a protease cleavage site at which site the fusion protein is cleavable by a protease, wherein the protease cleavage site is located between the non-cytotoxic protease and the galanin Targeting Moiety; a translocation domain that is capable of translocating the protease from within an endosome, across the endosomal membrane and into the cytosol of the nociceptive sensory afferent (eg HN domain of clostridial neurotoxin); a first spacer located between the non-cytotoxic protease and the protease cleavage site, wherein said first spacer comprises an amino acid sequence of from 4 to 25 amino acid residues; and a second spacer located between the galanin Targeting Moiety and the translocation domain, wherein said second spacer comprises an amino acid sequence of from 4 to 35 amino acid residues.
Hypotensive lipid-containing biodegradable intraocular implants and related methods
10 Oct 19
Biocompatible intraocular implants include a prostamide component and a biodegradable polymer that is effective in facilitating release of the prostamide component into an eye for an extended period of time.