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Brendan L. Hoffman
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Apparel Holding Corp.
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13 Jun 19
23 Aug 19
2 Feb 20


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Quarter (USD) May 19 Feb 19 Nov 18 Aug 18
Revenue 55.12M 77.78M 83.53M 63.13M
Net income -6.98M 672K 6.77M -3.82M
Diluted EPS -0.6 0.06 0.57 -0.33
Net profit margin -12.66% 0.86% 8.10% -6.05%
Operating income -5.75M 1.96M 8.97M -2.42M
Net change in cash 29K -932K -4.27M 93K
Cash on hand 147K 118K 1.05M 5.32M
Cost of revenue 26.86M 41.13M 42.71M 35.41M
Annual (USD) Feb 19 Jan 17 Jan 16 Jan 15
Revenue 278.95M 268.2M
Net income -2.02M -162.66M 5.1M 35.72M
Diluted EPS -0.17 -35.04 1.36 0.93
Net profit margin -0.72% -60.65%
Operating income 4.14M -64.67M 15.73M 70.25M
Net change in cash -20.86M 14.75M 6.12M
Cash on hand 118K 20.98M 6.23M 112K
Cost of revenue 148.23M 145.38M 169.94M 173.57M

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Financial report summary

  • System or data security issues, such as cyber or malware attacks, as well as other major system failures could disrupt our internal operations or information technology services, and any such disruption could negatively impact our net sales, increase our expenses and harm our reputation.
Management Discussion
  • Net sales for the three months ended May 4, 2019 were $55,122, increasing $608, or 1.1%, versus $54,514 for the three months ended May 5, 2018. Net sales by reportable segment were as follows:
  • Net sales from our Wholesale segment decreased $1,140, or 4.0%, to $27,355 in the three months ended May 4, 2019 from $28,495 in the three months ended May 5, 2018, due to the shift in timing of seasonal wholesale shipments.  
  • Net sales from our Direct-to-consumer segment increased $1,748, or 6.7%, to $27,767 in the three months ended May 4, 2019 from $26,019 in the three months ended May 5, 2018. Comparable sales increased $281, or 1.1%, including e-commerce, primarily due to an increase in average dollar sale. Non-comparable sales contributed $1,467 of sales growth. Since May 5, 2018, two net new stores have opened, bringing our total retail store count to 59 as of May 4, 2019, compared to 57 as of the end of the prior year period.
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