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The Annual Meeting of Shareholders of CACI International Inc (the “Company”), for which proxies were solicited pursuant to Regulation 14A under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, was held on November 11, 2021.

The results detailed below represent the final voting results:

Proposal 1

The following eleven nominees were elected to the Board of Directors of the Company:

Director NameForAgainstAbstainBroker Non-Votes
Michael A. Daniels19,674,271261,45112,1111,545,496
Lisa S. Disbrow19,919,75918,3439,7311,545,496
Susan M. Gordon19,826,624111,7849,4251,545,496
William L. Jews19,540,757395,52411,5521,545,496
Gregory G. Johnson19,608,650328,31910,8641,545,496
Ryan D. McCarthy19,921,01215,47611,3451,545,496
John S. Mengucci19,720,32198,761128,7511,545,496
Philip O. Nolan19,913,36322,53411,9361,545,496
James L. Pavitt19,465,960471,08710,7861,545,496
Debora A. Plunkett19,821,657114,24511,9311,545,496
William S. Wallace19,642,813294,02510,9951,545,496

Proposal 2

Shareholders approved, on an advisory basis, the compensation paid to the Company’s named executive officers, as disclosed pursuant to