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12 Nov 19
13 Dec 19
31 Dec 19


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Quarter (USD) Sep 19 Jun 19 Mar 19 Dec 18
Revenue 0 0 308K 860K
Net income -23.16M -18.99M -15.2M -14.08M
Diluted EPS 0.41 0.35 0.28 0.26
Net profit margin -4936% -1637%
Operating income -23.2M -19.36M -15.88M 14.8M
Net change in cash 1.45M 20.09M -8.87M -60.01M
Cash on hand 40.53M 39.09M 18.99M 27.87M
Cost of revenue
Annual (USD) Dec 18 Dec 17 Dec 16 Dec 15
Revenue 3.6M 3.67M 5.53M 849K
Net income -74.16M -65.72M -29.34M -16.52M
Diluted EPS 1.7 1.76 0.91 0.58
Net profit margin -2063% -1791% -531% -1945%
Operating income -74.89M -65.61M -29.65M -16.93M
Net change in cash 11.91M -15.23M 12.4M -24.21M
Cash on hand 27.87M 15.96M 31.19M 18.8M
Cost of revenue 13K 59K 70K

Financial data from company earnings reports

Financial report summary

  • We are largely dependent on the success of our drug product, AMZEEQ for the treatment of acne, and our product candidate FMX103 for the treatment of rosacea.
  • We have limited commercial sales experience, which makes it difficult to evaluate our current business, predict our future prospects and forecast our financial performance and growth.
  • We have not obtained regulatory approvals to market FMX103 or our pipeline product candidates, and we may be delayed in obtaining or fail to obtain such regulatory approvals and to commercialize these product candidates.
  • Changes in funding for the FDA, the SEC and other government agencies could hinder their ability to hire and retain key leadership and other personnel, prevent new products and services from being developed or commercialized in a timely manner or otherwise prevent those agencies from performing normal functions on which the operation of our business may rely, which could negatively impact our business.
  • If the FDA does not conclude that FMX103 satisfies the requirements under Section 505(b)(2) of the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetics Act, or Section 505(b)(2), or if the requirements for FMX103 under Section 505(b)(2) are not as we expect, the approval pathway will likely take significantly longer, cost significantly more and entail significantly greater complications and risks than anticipated, and in either case may not be successful.
  • We may not receive market exclusivity for our product candidates under the Hatch-Waxman Act since our lead product candidates are based on an “old antibiotic” and therefore potential competitors may develop generic versions of our product(s) after launch that, if approved, could compete directly with our product(s) sooner than we expect.
  • Because our Phase III clinical trials for AMZEEQ and FMX103 were not conducted head-to-head with the current standard of care drugs, we may not compare our results to those of existing drugs for promotional purposes, which may affect our sales and marketing efforts.
  • Our ability to finance our operations and generate revenues depends on the commercial success of AMZEEQ and on the clinical and commercial success of FMX103 and our other product candidates, and failure to achieve such success will negatively impact our business.
  • We may encounter delays in completing clinical trials for our product candidates and may even be prevented from commencing such trials due to factors that are largely beyond our control.
  • AMZEEQ and FMX103 and other product candidates may produce undesirable side effects that we may not have detected in our clinical trials. This could prevent us from gaining market acceptance for AMZEEQ or or marketing approval for our product candidates, or from maintaining such acceptance and approval, and could substantially increase commercialization costs and even force us to cease operations.
  • Even if FMX103 or our other product candidates receive marketing approval, we may continue to face future developmental and regulatory difficulties. In addition, we are subject to government regulations and we may experience delays in obtaining required regulatory approvals to market our proposed product candidates.
  • Even though AMZEEQ has received FDA approval, and even if FMX103 or our other product candidates receive regulatory approval, they may fail to achieve the broad degree of physician adoption and use and market acceptance necessary for commercial success.
  • We may decide not to continue developing or commercializing any of our product candidates at any time during development or of any of our products after approval, which would reduce or eliminate our potential return on investment for those product candidates or products.
  • If we are not successful in developing, acquiring regulatory approval for and commercializing additional product candidates beyond AMZEEQ or FMX103, our ability to expand our business and achieve our strategic objectives will be impaired.
  • AMZEEQ and, if approved, FMX103 will face significant competition and our failure to compete effectively may prevent us from achieving significant market penetration and expansion.
  • Healthcare reforms by governmental authorities and related reductions in pharmaceutical pricing, reimbursement and coverage by third party payors may adversely affect our business.
  • It will be difficult for us to profitably sell AMZEEQ, FMX103 or our other product candidates if reimbursement for these products is limited by government authorities and third party payor policies.
  • Legislative or regulatory healthcare reforms in the United States may make it more difficult and costly for us to obtain regulatory clearance or approval of our product candidates and to produce, market, and distribute our products after clearance or approval is obtained.
  • We will require substantial additional financing to achieve our goals, and a failure to obtain this necessary capital when needed on acceptable terms, or at all, could force us to delay, limit, reduce or terminate our product development, other operations or commercialization efforts.
  • We have incurred significant losses since our inception and we anticipate that we will continue to incur losses in the near future.
  • We expect to rely on third parties to conduct some or all aspects of our drug product manufacturing, production research and preclinical and clinical testing, and these third parties may not perform satisfactorily.
  • We and our contract manufacturers are subject to significant regulation with respect to manufacturing our product and product candidates. The manufacturing facilities on which we rely may not continue to meet regulatory requirements and have limited capacity.
  • We expect to rely on third parties to conduct, supervise and monitor our clinical studies, and if these third parties perform in an unsatisfactory manner, it may harm our business.
  • Supply interruptions may disrupt our inventory levels and the availability of our products and product candidates and cause delays in obtaining regulatory approval for our product candidates or harm our business by reducing our revenues.
  • We currently develop our clinical drug product candidates in our research and development facility located in Rehovot, Israel and through partnerships with external contract manufacturing organizations. If these facilities or any future facilities or our equipment were to be damaged or destroyed, or if we experience a significant disruption in our operations for any other reason, our ability to continue to operate our business could be materially harmed.
  • If product liability lawsuits are brought against us, we may incur substantial liabilities that may not be fully covered by our insurance policies and we may be required to limit commercialization of any of our other products we develop.
  • Our Credit Agreement subjects us to various financial and other restrictive covenants. These restrictions may limit our operational or financial flexibility and could subject us to potential defaults under our Credit Agreement.
  • Our debt obligations and any future debt obligations expose us to risks that could adversely affect our business, operating results, overall financial condition and may result in further dilution to our stockholders.
  • If we fail to attract and keep senior management and key scientific personnel, we may be unable to successfully develop FMX103 or any of our other product candidates, conduct our clinical trials and commercialize AMZEEQ, FMX103 or any of our other products we develop.
  • We have incurred, and will continue to incur significant increased costs as a result of operating as a public company in the United States, and our management will be required to devote substantial time to new compliance initiatives.
  • Our business involves the use of hazardous materials and we and our third party manufacturers and suppliers must comply with environmental laws and regulations, which can be expensive and restrict how we do business.
  • We are subject to various U.S. federal, state, local and foreign health care fraud and abuse laws, including anti-kickback, self-referral, false claims and fraud laws, health information privacy and security, and transparency laws and any violations by us of such laws could result in substantial penalties. Additionally, any challenge to or investigation into our practices under these laws could cause adverse publicity and be costly to respond to, and thus could harm our business.
  • We are subject to various U.S. and foreign anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws, and any violations by us of such laws could result in substantial penalties.
  • Unfavorable global economic conditions could adversely affect our business, financial condition or results of operations.
  • Exchange rate fluctuations between the U.S. dollar and the New Israeli Shekel may negatively affect our earnings.
  • If our efforts to obtain, protect or enforce our patents and other intellectual property rights related to AMZEEQ, FMX103 or any of our other product candidates are not adequate, we may not be able to compete effectively and we otherwise may be harmed.
  • Since patent applications in the United States and most other countries are confidential for a period of time after filing, we cannot be certain that we were the first to (i) file any patent application related to AMZEEQ, FMX103 or any of our other product candidates or (ii) conceive and invent any of the inventions claimed in our patents or patent applications.
  • Cybersecurity disruptions may impact our business operations if it becomes a target for such activities.
  • Changes in U.S. or foreign patent law could diminish the value of patents in general, thereby impairing our ability to protect our products.
  • We have agreed to share ownership in certain patents that may result from our development and license agreements with certain major pharmaceutical companies, which may detract from our rights to such patents.
  • If we infringe or are alleged to infringe or otherwise violate intellectual property rights of third parties, our business could be harmed.
  • If we are unable to protect our trademarks from infringement, our business prospects may be harmed.
  • We may become involved in lawsuits to protect or enforce our patents or other intellectual property or the patents of our licensors, which could be expensive and time-consuming.
  • We have received notice letters of ANDAs submitted for drug products that are generic versions of Finacea foam and we are involved in lawsuits to protect and enforce our patents, which are expensive, time consuming and may be unsuccessful.
  • An adverse determination of any litigation or other proceedings could put one or more of our patents at risk of being invalidated or interpreted narrowly and could put our patent applications at risk of not issuing.
  • We may not obtain intellectual property rights or otherwise be able to protect our intellectual property rights throughout the world.
  • Under applicable employment laws, we may not be able to enforce covenants not to compete.
  • We do not know whether a market for our ordinary shares will be sustained and as a result it may be difficult for holders of our ordinary shares to sell their shares.
  • The market price of our ordinary shares may be subject to fluctuation and holders of our ordinary shares could lose all or part of their investment.
  • If equity research analysts do not publish research or reports about our business or if they issue unfavorable commentary or downgrade our ordinary shares, the price of our ordinary shares could decline.
  • Future sales of our ordinary shares could reduce the market price of our ordinary shares.
  • We have never paid cash dividends on our share capital, and we do not anticipate paying any cash dividends in the foreseeable future.
  • We are an “emerging growth company” and a “smaller reporting company” and the reduced disclosure requirements applicable to emerging growth companies and smaller reporting companies may make our ordinary shares less attractive to investors.
  • Our U.S. shareholders may suffer adverse tax consequences if we are characterized as a passive foreign investment company.
  • If a United States person is treated as owning at least 10% of our common shares, such holder may be subject to adverse U.S. federal income tax consequences.
  • Future changes to tax laws could materially adversely affect our company and reduce net returns to our shareholders.
  • Tax authorities may disagree with our positions and conclusions regarding certain tax positions, resulting in unanticipated costs, taxes or non-realization of expected benefits.
  • Our headquarters, research and development and other significant operations are located in Israel and, therefore, our results may be adversely affected by political, economic and military instability in Israel.
  • Provisions of Israeli law and our amended and restated articles of association may delay, prevent or otherwise impede a merger with, or an acquisition of, us, even when the terms of such a transaction are favorable to us and our shareholders.
  • It may be difficult to enforce a judgment of a United States court against us, our officers and directors in Israel or the United States, to assert United States securities laws claims in Israel or to serve process on our officers and directors.
  • The rights and responsibilities of our shareholders are governed by Israeli law, which differs in some material respects from the rights and responsibilities of shareholders of United States companies.
  • Sanctions and other trade control laws create the potential for significant liabilities, penalties and reputational harm.
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Topical tetracycline compositions
5 Nov 19
A topical therapeutic hydrophobic breakable composition includes a carrier comprising (a) about 60% to about 99% by weight of at least one hydrophobic oil; (b) at least one viscosity-modifying agents selected from the group consisting of a fatty alcohol, a fatty acid and a wax; and (c) a tetracycline antibiotic, characterized in that at least part of the tetracycline antibiotic is suspended in the composition; the viscosity of the composition is at least about 30% higher than the viscosity of the carrier without the tetracycline antibiotic; and is higher than the viscosity or the hydrophobic oil and the tetracycline antibiotic without the viscosity modifying agents.
Foam Containing Unique Oil Globules
10 Oct 19
The present invention provides a foamable composition for administration to the skin, body surface, body cavity or mucosal surface, e.g., the mucosa of the nose, mouth, eye, ear, respiratory system, vagina or rectum.
Nonsteroidal Immunomodulating Kit and Composition and Uses Thereof
10 Oct 19
Inventors: Dov Tamarkin, Meir Eini, Doron Friedman
Tetracycline Management of Egfr Inhibitor Associated Dermatoses
10 Oct 19
Methods of treatment and dosage regimes using a composition comprising a tetracycline antibiotic in treating or alleviating a disorder including EGFRI associated rash, EGFRI associated rash related symptoms, a tetracycline antibiotic responsive EGFRI associated rash related disorder, skin disorder caused by a bacteria, and a tetracycline antibiotic responsive sebaceous gland disease, P.
Body Cavity Foams
10 Oct 19
The invention relates to an alcohol-free cosmetic or therapeutic foam carrier comprising water, a hydrophobic organic carrier, a foam adjuvant agent, a surface-active agent and a gelling agent.