Spotify Technology (SPOT)

Spotify is the world's most popular audio streaming subscription service with a community of 345 million Monthly Active Users and 155 million Premium Subscribers. With a presence in 93 markets, and more than 70 million tracks including over 2 million podcast titles, it has transformed the way people access and enjoy music and podcasts.

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3 Feb 22
1 Oct 22
31 Dec 22
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91.0% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 487 537 -9.3%
Opened positions 72 80 -10.0%
Closed positions 122 140 -12.9%
Increased positions 171 200 -14.5%
Reduced positions 145 169 -14.2%
13F shares Current Prev Q Change
Total value 22.95B 29.14B -21.2%
Total shares 163.03M 164.98M -1.2%
Total puts 3.64M 4.78M -23.8%
Total calls 3.06M 4.4M -30.4%
Total put/call ratio 1.2 1.1 +9.4%
Largest owners Shares Value Change
Ek Daniel G. 32.32M $7.56B 0.0%
Baillie Gifford & Co 26.2M $2.46B +12.8%
Lorentzon Sven Hans Martin 20.96M $4.91B 0.0%
TROW T. Rowe Price 15.76M $1.48B -1.2%
MS Morgan Stanley 10.63M $997.25M +0.1%
TCV Vii 5.09M $578.16M 0.0%
Technology Crossover Management VIII 3.62M $339.5M 0.0%
BLK Blackrock 3.51M $329.06M -13.3%
Alecta Pensionsforsakring, Omsesidigt 2.79M $261.48M +7.7%
ARK Investment Management 2.04M $230.43M -53.4%
Largest transactions Shares Bought/sold Change
Baillie Gifford & Co 26.2M +2.97M +12.8%
ARK Investment Management 2.04M -2.34M -53.4%
Melvin Capital Management 0 -1.54M EXIT
Nikko Asset Management Americas 681.02K -1.42M -67.5%
CMTDF Sumitomo Mitsui Trust 717.3K -1.41M -66.3%
Wellington Management 1.32M -638.17K -32.6%
Spyglass Capital Management 548.12K +548.12K NEW
BLK Blackrock 3.51M -539.24K -13.3%
Citadel Advisors 742.7K +537.44K +261.8%
Tiger Global Management 6.21K -527.87K -98.8%

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