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The right to bear arms is stated as the Second Amendment to the US Constitution and the trend of current laws and regulations is to reduce the burden on citizens desiring to bear arms. In spite of years of journalistic and public attention and debate, the United States has instituted few substantive changes in firearms policy over the past century. Opponents to increased gun control diluted a brief push by the Roosevelt administration in the 1930s and resulted in two minimalist federal statutes. A second effort to limit citizen’s access to firearms in the wake of the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King produced the Gun Control Act of 1968, which largely remains the primary federal law. This modest control effort was subsequently diluted by the Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986. The Clinton administration passed the Brady Act, requiring background checks on purchases from licensed firearms dealers, and a law directed at “assault weapons,” which sunset after ten years. For the past two decades, policy activity has shifted to the state legislatures and the courts, where concealed carry laws have granted more access to firearms and the Second Amendment has been recognized as an individual and fundamental right. Entrenched opposition to gun control in Congress and state legislatures, well-organized institutional opposition, and constitutional constraints have limited the risk of increased gun restrictions for the foreseeable future. It is important to note, though, that public sentiment is subject to change and voters could demand greater restrictions on access to firearms and influence Congress and state legislatures to enact tougher gun access legislation; but that is not the current mood or trend.

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Warberg Asset Management 178.72K +34.24K +23.7%
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UBS UBS Group AG - Registered Shares 424 -17.12K -97.6%
Jane Street 0 -16.98K EXIT
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