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On May 21, 2021, the following consenting Voting Stockholders owning a total of 100,000 shares of the Registrant’s Series A Preferred stock delivered the executed written consent authorizing the amended and restated Articles of Incorporation, election of directors and ratification of independent public accounts (collectively the “Actions”). As of May 21, 2021, the Registrant had 79,466,563 shares of Common Stock issued and outstanding and entitled to vote, which for voting purposes are entitled to one vote per share. Each share of Series A Preferred stock is entitled to cast one thousand (1,000) votes for each share held of the Series A Preferred stock on all matters presented to the stockholders of the Registrant for stockholder vote, thereby allowing such Series A Preferred stock to cast votes totaling 100,000,000 million shares of common stock (which exceeds the number of shares of common stock outstanding by approximately 126%). The consenting Voting Stockholders’ names, affiliation with the Company and holdings are as follows:

NameAffiliation with the CompanyNumber of
Voting Shares
% of Total
Voting Shares
Charles A. Ross, Jr.Director, CEO50,000,00027.86%
Doug GrauDirector, President50,000,00027.86%

Pursuant to the Registrant’s existing Bylaws and the NRS, the holders of the issued and outstanding shares of Common Stock representing a majority of our voting power may approve and authorize the Actions by written consent as if such Actions were undertaken at a duly called and held meeting of stockholders. In order to significantly reduce the costs and management time involved in soliciting and obtaining proxies to approve the Actions, and in order to effectuate the Actions as early as possible, the Board elected to utilize, and did in fact obtain, the written consent of the voting stockholders. The written consent satisfies the stockholder approval requirement for the Actions. Accordingly, under the NRS and the Bylaws, no other approval by the Board or stockholders of the Registrant is required in order to effect the Actions.