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On June 23, 2022, IAC/InterActiveCorp (“IAC” or the “Company”) held its Annual Meeting of Stockholders (the “Annual Meeting”). At the Annual Meeting, stockholders of the Company voted on the proposals set forth below. These proposals are described in detail in the Company’s definitive proxy statement related to the Annual Meeting filed on April 29, 2022 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”). The final voting results on each of the matters submitted to a vote of the Company’s stockholders at the Annual Meeting are set forth below.

As of the close of business on April 27, 2022, the record date for the Annual Meeting, there were 84,084,023 shares of IAC common stock (entitled to one vote per share) and 5,789,499 shares of IAC Class B common stock (entitled to ten votes per share) outstanding and entitled to vote. The IAC common stock and the IAC Class B common stock are collectively referred to as the IAC capital stock.

1.A proposal to elect twelve members of the IAC board of directors, each to hold office until the next succeeding annual meeting of stockholders or until such director’s successor shall have been duly elected and qualified (or, if earlier, such director’s removal or resignation from the IAC board of directors). The stockholders elected each of the nominees to the IAC board of directors on the basis of the following voting results:

Elected by holders of IAC common stock voting as a separate class:

Bryan Lourd68,467,9941,326,6065,829,945
Alan G. Spoon62,517,4047,277,1965,829,945
Richard F. Zannino66,900,5262,894,0745,829,945

Elected by holders of IAC capital stock, voting as a single class:

Chelsea Clinton126,183,9691,505,6215,829,945
Barry Diller123,388,4824,301,1085,829,945
Michael D. Eisner115,508,50912,181,0815,829,945
Bonnie S. Hammer120,284,3537,405,2375,829,945
Victor A. Kaufman124,797,4062,892,1845,829,945
Joseph Levin120,286,5397,403,0515,829,945
Westley Moore125,155,8562,533,7345,829,945
David Rosenblatt113,432,61914,256,9715,829,945
Alexander von Furstenberg124,865,9722,823,6185,829,945

2.A non-binding advisory vote on IAC’s 2021 executive compensation. This proposal was approved by the holders of IAC capital stock on the basis of the following voting results:


3.A proposal to ratify the appointment of Ernst & Young LLP as IAC’s independent registered public accounting firm for the 2022 fiscal year. This proposal was approved by the holders of IAC capital stock on the basis of the following voting results: