BARK is the world's most dog-centric company, devoted to making dogs happy with the best products, services and content. BARK's dog-obsessed team applies its unique, data-driven understanding of what makes each dog special to design playstyle-specific toys, wildly satisfying treats and wellness supplements, and dog-first experiences that foster the health and happiness of dogs everywhere. Founded in 2012, BARK loyally serves dogs nationwide with monthly subscription services, BarkBox and Super Chewer; a curated e-commerce experience on BarkShop.com; custom collections via its retail partner network, including Target and Amazon; wellness products that meet your dogs' needs with BARK Bright; and a personalized meal delivery service for dogs BARK Eats.BARK works to be the people our dogs think they are and promises to be their voice until every dog reaches its full tail-wagging potential.

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Fiscal year end
Former names
Northern Star Acquisition Corp., Original Bark Co
BarkBox, Inc. ...
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8 Aug 22
28 Sep 22
31 Mar 23
Quarter (USD) Jun 22 Mar 22 Dec 21 Sep 21
Cost of revenue
Operating income
Operating margin
Net income
Net profit margin
Cash on hand
Change in cash
Diluted EPS
Annual (USD) Mar 22 Mar 21
Cost of revenue
Operating income
Operating margin
Net income
Net profit margin
Cash on hand
Change in cash
Diluted EPS
Cash burn rate (est.) Burn method: Change in cash Burn method: Operating income Burn method: FCF (opex + capex)
Last Q Avg 4Q Last Q Avg 4Q Last Q Avg 4Q
Cash on hand (at last report) 179.53M 179.53M 179.53M 179.53M 179.53M 179.53M
Cash burn (monthly) 7.38M 11.98M 6.71M 8.28M 5.81M 10.66M
Cash used (since last report) 21.79M 35.35M 19.81M 24.43M 17.14M 31.45M
Cash remaining 157.73M 144.17M 159.71M 155.1M 162.38M 148.07M
Runway (months of cash) 21.4 12.0 23.8 18.7 28.0 13.9

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Date Owner Security Transaction Code Indirect 10b5-1 $Price #Shares $Value #Remaining
20 Sep 22 Elizabeth Mclaughlin Common Stock Option exercise Acquire M No No 0.95 657,502 624.63K 693,865
20 Sep 22 Elizabeth Mclaughlin Stock Option Common Stock Option exercise Dispose M No No 0.95 657,502 624.63K 0
19 Aug 22 Matt Meeker Common Stock Buy Acquire P No No 2.1787 11,400 24.84K 9,815,086
17 Aug 22 David Kamenetzky Common Stock Buy Acquire P Yes No 2.4671 91,832 226.56K 204,346
11 Aug 22 Ledecky Jonathan J Common Stock Option exercise Acquire M No No 0 36,363 0 136,363
11 Aug 22 Ledecky Jonathan J RSU Common Stock Option exercise Dispose M No No 0 36,363 0 0
61.2% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 122 95 +28.4%
Opened positions 47 19 +147.4%
Closed positions 20 26 -23.1%
Increased positions 28 34 -17.6%
Reduced positions 23 18 +27.8%
13F shares Current Prev Q Change
Total value 553.12M 651.01M -15.0%
Total shares 107.83M 115.7M -6.8%
Total puts 118K 236.8K -50.2%
Total calls 497.8K 701K -29.0%
Total put/call ratio 0.2 0.3 -29.8%
Largest owners Shares Value Change
RRE Ventures GP V 18.65M $207.94M 0.0%
August Capital VII 14.39M $0 0.0%
Prehype Ventures 12.31M $137.22M 0.0%
Founders Circle Capital 7.94M $10.17M -0.0%
Northern Star Sponsor 6.11M $68.11M 0.0%
FMR 4.94M $6.32M -36.1%
Capital Research Global Investors 4.5M $5.76M 0.0%
Vanguard 4.14M $5.3M -6.3%
BLK Blackrock 3.86M $4.94M +186.7%
MS Morgan Stanley 3.6M $4.61M -31.0%
Largest transactions Shares Bought/sold Change
Capital Management VII, L.L.C. August 0 -14.39M EXIT
Cannell Peter B & Co 0 -3.02M EXIT
FMR 4.94M -2.79M -36.1%
BLK Blackrock 3.86M +2.51M +186.7%
Renaissance Technologies 2.27M +2.03M +839.0%
MS Morgan Stanley 3.6M -1.62M -31.0%
Penserra Capital Management 5.57K -1.51M -99.6%
Magnetar Financial 1.95M +1.45M +289.9%
TROW T. Rowe Price 1.22M +1.22M NEW
ProShare Advisors 2.59M -944.22K -26.7%

Financial report summary

  • Our future operating performance is subject to numerous challenges and uncertainties.
  • We may fail to acquire new customers in a cost-effective manner.
  • We may be unable to maintain a high level of customer engagement or protect our brand and reputation.
  • We may not be able to accurately predict consumer trends, successfully introduce new products, improve existing products, or expand into new offerings.
  • Our success depends on the continuing efforts of our key employees and our ability to attract and retain highly skilled personnel and senior management.
  • We face challenges due to our reliance on third party sales channels to sell and distribute our products.
  • We rely on consumer discretionary spending, which may be adversely affected by economic downturns and other macroeconomic conditions or trends.
  • We may be impacted by the COVID-19 global pandemic and related government, private sector and individual consumer responses.
  • Our business critically relies on a limited number of suppliers, manufacturers, and logistics partners.
  • We face challenges due to limited control over our suppliers, contract manufacturers, and logistics partners.
  • Shipping, which is subject to numerous risks, is a critical part of our business.
  • We may be unable to manage the complexities created by our omnichannel operations.
  • If we are unable to implement appropriate systems, procedures and controls, we may not be able to successfully offer our products, grow our business and account for transactions in an appropriate and timely manner.
  • We may not be able to successfully optimize, operate and manage our fulfillment centers and shipping services.
  • Our estimate of the size of our addressable market may prove to be inaccurate.
  • We may not be able to compete effectively in the dog products and services retail industry.
  • We are subject to risks related to online payment methods.
  • We rely on software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) technologies from third parties.
  • Limitations on our use of “cookies” may impact our ability to cost-effectively acquire new customers.
  • We may be unable to maintain and scale our technology.
  • Our disaster recovery arrangements may be insufficient.
  • The security of our partners’ computer networks and databases containing personal information may be compromised.
  • We may be unable to adequately protect our intellectual property rights.
  • We may be subject to intellectual property infringement claims or other allegations.
  • We are subject to federal and state and foreign laws and regulations relating to privacy, data protection, advertising and consumer protection.
  • We are subject to product safety, labor, or other laws.
  • We are subject to extensive governmental regulation.
  • We may be adversely affected by changes in tax laws, rules or regulations.
  • Future litigation could have a material adverse effect on our business.
  • We have identified material weaknesses in our internal controls over financial reporting.
  • Our estimates or judgments relating to our critical accounting policies could prove to be incorrect.
  • We may be unable to accurately forecast our revenue and appropriately plan for our expenses in the future.
  • The requirements of being a public company may strain our resources and divert management’s attention.
  • Certain of our key performance indicators are subject to inherent challenges in measurement, and real or perceived inaccuracies.
  • We have a history of losses and we may be unable to achieve or sustain profitability.
  • We may fail to manage or integrate acquisitions of, or investments in, new or complementary businesses, facilities, technologies or products, or through strategic alliances.
  • Our operating flexibility may be limited by our credit facilities and debt instruments.
  • We may not be able to raise the capital we need to grow our business.
  • Our stock price may be volatile or decline regardless of our operating performance.
  • An active trading market for our common stock may not be sustained.
  • Sales of shares by existing stockholders may cause our stock price to decline.
  • Securities or industry analysts may not publish accurate or favorable research about BARK.
  • Our certificate of incorporation may prevent us from receiving the benefit of certain corporate opportunities.
  • Delaware law, our certificate of incorporation and bylaws may impede a merger, tender offer, or proxy contest.
  • Substantially all disputes between BARK and our stockholders are subject to exclusive forum provisions.
  • We do not intend to pay dividends for the foreseeable future.
  • Ownership of our stock is concentrated among our current officers, directors and their respective affiliates.
  • We may issue additional shares of common stock or other equity securities, which would dilute your ownership interests and could depress the market price of our common stock.
  • Our obligation to redeem the 2025 Convertible Notes may not protect holders.
  • There is no existing public trading market for the 2025 Convertible Notes.
Management Discussion
  • We operate in two reportable segments to reflect the way our chief operating decision maker (“CODM”) reviews and assesses the performance of the business. See Note 2, “Summary of Significant Accounting Policies,” in our condensed consolidated financial statements for the three months ended June 30, 2022 and 2021 included elsewhere in this Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q.
  • Direct to Consumer revenue increased by $13.0 million, or 12.4%, for the three months ended June 30, 2022 compared to the three months ended June 30, 2021. This increase was primarily driven by a 5.6% or 0.2 million increase in Subscription Shipments, in addition to a 6.4% increase in average order value.
  • Commerce revenue increased by $0.5 million for the three months ended June 30, 2022 compared to the three months ended June 30, 2021. This increase was primarily driven by volume increases amongst existing retailer partners, as well as the addition of new retail partners since June 30, 2021.

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