WalkMe (WKME)

WalkMe's cloud-based Digital Adoption Platform enables organizations to measure, drive and act to ultimately accelerate their digital transformations and better realize the value of their software investments. Its code-free platform leverages its proprietary technology to provide visibility to an organization's Chief Information Officer and business leaders, while improving user experience, productivity and efficiency for employees and customers. Alongside walkthroughs and third-party integration capabilities, its platform can be customized to fit an organization's needs.

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31 Dec 22
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Total holders 42 47 -10.6%
Opened positions 8 16 -50.0%
Closed positions 13 16 -18.8%
Increased positions 11 18 -38.9%
Reduced positions 15 8 +87.5%
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Total value 1.98B 2.53B -21.4%
Total shares 85.27M 84.69M +0.7%
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Insight 24.25M $365.99M -0.8%
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Gemini Israel V Limited Partnership 7.65M $150.22M 0.0%
Vitruvian Partners 5.92M $89.35M +6.1%
Mangrove III Investments S.a r.l. 5.64M $110.68M 0.0%
Allspring Global Investments 1.16M $17.45M +19.2%
Contour Asset Management 1.05M $15.82M +25.0%
Clearbridge Advisors 854.88K $12.9M +46.9%
FMR 836.18K $12.62M +2.0%
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EDBI Pte 761.86K +761.86K NEW
EVR Research 753.36K +753.36K NEW
Adage Capital Partners GP, L.L.C. 0 -535K EXIT
Islet Management 0 -450K EXIT
Vitruvian Partners 5.92M +339.3K +6.1%
Edmond De Rothschild Holding 0 -282.2K EXIT
Clearbridge Advisors 854.88K +272.76K +46.9%
Roubaix Capital 0 -259.62K EXIT
Contour Asset Management 1.05M +209.29K +25.0%
Insight 24.25M -200K -0.8%

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Automated Testing of Walkthroughs
11 Aug 22
A product, system and method comprising: obtaining a test of a walkthrough of an application, wherein the application includes a Graphical User Interface (GUI), wherein the walkthrough is defined by a sequence of steps and associated advancement conditions, wherein the test includes a sequence of automated user actions to be provided to the GUI that is configured to invoke the sequence of steps of the walkthrough; executing, at least partially, the test on the walkthrough, wherein said executing comprises providing the sequence of automated user actions in a manner that is configured to cause the sequence of steps to be invoked; generating a trace display of the test execution, wherein the trace display comprises a visual display of events including both steps of the walkthrough and automated user actions of the test; and outputting the trace display.
Invoking an Automatic Process in a Web-Based Target System Using a Chat-Bot
12 May 22
A method, apparatus and product for chat-based application interface for automation.
Acquisition Process of Gui Elements Using User Input
21 Apr 22
A method, system and product for improving acquisition process of GUI elements using user input.
Autonomous behavior reasoning analysis
19 Apr 22
A computer implemented method of adapting an application according to user interaction comprising using one or more processors for executing a code for collecting autonomously a plurality of action events describing a plurality of actions taken by a plurality of users to navigate through a plurality of pages presented by an application to accomplish one or more goals of the application, the plurality of pages are presented on a GUI at a plurality of user devices used by the plurality of users, analyzing the action events to identify one or more behavioral patterns of at least some of the users for accomplishing the goal(s) and generating automatically one or more recommended adaptations for the application according to the behavioral pattern(s) to adapt a layout of the application in order to increase a probability for one or more users to successfully accomplish the goal(s).
Automation process definition for a natural language interface
22 Feb 22
A method, apparatus and product for defining an automation process to be invoked in response to a conversation of a user with a natural language interface.