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Latest institutional filings

Type Filer #Shares Filed For date #Previous %Chg Prev. Date
SC 13G
T. ROWE PRICE ASSOCIATES 2.57M 10 Nov 21 31 Oct 21 0 +∞% 30 Jun 21
SC 13G
Encompass Capital Advisors 1.92M 1 Nov 21 22 Oct 21 0 +∞% 30 Jun 21
SC 13G
140 Summer Partners Master Fund 1.3M 29 Oct 21 22 Oct 21 0 +∞% -

About this data

This data is updated daily from 13F, 13D and 13G SEC filings.

Faded values represent incomplete data for the quarter, where values have been used from the previous quarter for institutions that haven't filed updated data yet.

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