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Sean Boyd
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27 Mar 20
6 Jul 20
31 Dec 20


Company financial data Financial data

61.6% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders
Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 331 365 -9.3%
Opened positions 46 65 -29.2%
Closed positions 80 43 +86.0%
Increased positions 137 126 +8.7%
Reduced positions 104 117 -11.1%
13F shares
Current Prev Q Change
Total value 6.57B 9.89B -33.6%
Total shares 147.59M 146.43M +0.8%
Total puts 2.31M 3.65M -36.8%
Total calls 1.94M 3.86M -49.9%
Total put/call ratio 1.2 0.9 +26.1%
Largest owners
Shares Value Change
Van Eck Associates 12.36M $491.78M -4.3%
Massachusetts Financial Services 8.73M $347.4M +16.9%
First Eagle Investment Management 8.27M $330.12M +3.4%
RY Royal Bank of Canada 7.47M $297.29M -3.7%
Vanguard 7.3M $290.4M +6.8%
FIL 4.81M $191.88M +9.9%
Renaissance Technologies 4.08M $162.53M +84.0%
CIBC Asset Management 4.06M $161.35M -5.1%
TD Asset Management 3.52M $139.08M -12.4%
BMO Bank Of Montreal 3.34M $145.52M -8.3%
Largest transactions
Shares Bought/sold Change
Capital World Investors 0 -5.01M EXIT
Norges Bank 0 -2.23M EXIT
FMR 2.54M -2M -44.1%
Renaissance Technologies 4.08M +1.86M +84.0%
Alliancebernstein 1.71M +1.52M +794.1%
Rockefeller Capital Management 1.49M +1.49M NEW
Massachusetts Financial Services 8.73M +1.26M +16.9%
SII Sprott 1.23M +1.14M +1244.8%
Flossbach Von Storch 2.35M +1.11M +89.7%
Tocqueville Asset Management 10.82K -1.09M -99.0%
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