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20 Feb 20
4 Apr 20
31 Dec 20


Company financial data Financial data

Quarter (USD) Dec 19 Sep 19 Jun 19 Mar 19
Revenue 186.93M 181.1M 180.5M 172.57M
Net income 8.87M 8.3M 7.82M 7.47M
Diluted EPS 0.75 0.7 0.66 0.64
Net profit margin 4.75% 4.58% 4.33% 4.33%
Operating income 15.18M 14.6M 13.6M 12.85M
Net change in cash 33.2M 3.09M -440K -6.54M
Cash on hand 39.58M 6.38M 3.29M 3.73M
Cost of revenue 146.82M 142.77M 142.43M 136.87M
Annual (USD) Dec 19 Dec 18 Dec 17 Dec 16
Revenue 721.09M 629.31M 558.18M 550.64M
Net income 32.46M 9.04M 20.08M 25.26M
Diluted EPS 2.75 0.77 1.74 2.24
Net profit margin 4.50% 1.44% 3.60% 4.59%
Operating income 56.23M 23.92M 15.63M 29.22M
Net change in cash 29.32M 8.11M -5.28M 1.98M
Cash on hand 39.58M 10.26M 2.15M 7.43M
Cost of revenue 568.89M 506.71M 455.05M 444.1M

Financial data from Ducommun earnings reports

Date Owner Security Transaction Code $Price #Shares $Value #Remaining
25 Mar 20 Ducommun Robert C Common Stock Gift Aquire G 0 1,000 0 1,000
25 Mar 20 Ducommun Robert C Common Stock Gift Aquire G 0 500 0 2,765
25 Mar 20 Ducommun Robert C Common Stock Gift Dispose G 0 1,500 0 405,200
25 Mar 20 Ducommun Robert C Common Stock Grant Aquire A 23.74 3,000 71.22K 406,700
24 Mar 20 Stephen G Oswald Common Stock Grant Aquire A 23.24 22,500 522.9K 199,650
20 Mar 20 Wampler Christopher D. Common Stock Buy Aquire P 21.27 1,000 21.27K 15,990
19 Mar 20 Paulson Robert D Common Stock Buy Aquire P 18.62 2,500 46.55K 53,867
18 Mar 20 Redondo Jerry L Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F 16.61 579 9.62K 31,909
13F holders
Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 1446 1372 +5.4%
Opened positions 176 101 +74.3%
Closed positions 102 76 +34.2%
Increased positions 604 586 +3.1%
Reduced positions 457 481 -5.0%
13F shares
Current Prev Q Change
Total value 42.4B 41.83B +1.3%
Total shares 464.85M 436.53M +6.5%
Total puts 2.95M 2.47M +19.4%
Total calls 3.54M 3.63M -2.4%
Total put/call ratio 0.8 0.7 +22.3%
Largest owners
Shares Value Change
Vanguard 61.94M $5.65B +1.1%
BLK BlackRock 52.75M $4.81B +2.7%
STT State Street 39.85M $3.64B +5.6%
Massachusetts Financial Services 24.28M $2.21B +13.9%
Wellington Management 13.43M $1.22B +43.3%
BEN Franklin Resources 12.47M $1.14B +0.3%
IVZ Invesco 12.04M $1.1B -0.9%
Geode Capital Management 10.77M $980.11M +2.6%
NTRS Northern Trust 9.7M $885.1M -0.7%
FMR 8.31M $758.09M +18.9%
Largest transactions
Shares Bought/sold Change
Wellington Management 13.43M +4.06M +43.3%
Capital Research Global Investors 5.33M +3.33M +165.8%
Massachusetts Financial Services 24.28M +2.96M +13.9%
Citadel Advisors 2.15M +2.11M +4722.0%
STT State Street 39.85M +2.1M +5.6%
BLK BlackRock 52.75M +1.41M +2.7%
CNS Cohen & Steers 2.17M +1.33M +158.6%
FMR 8.31M +1.32M +18.9%
Capital International Investors 0 -1.15M EXIT
Renaissance Technologies 6.24M -1.1M -15.0%

Financial report summary

  • Our indebtedness could limit our financing options, adversely affect our financial condition, and prevent us from fulfilling our debt obligations.
  • We require a considerable amount of cash to run our business.
  • We require a considerable amount of cash to fund our anticipated voluntary principal prepayments on our Credit Facilities.
  • The covenants in the credit agreement to our Credit Facilities impose restrictions that may limit our operating and financial flexibility.
  • We may be adversely affected by changes in LIBOR reporting practices or the method in which LIBOR is determined.
  • The typical trading volume of our common stock may affect an investor’s ability to sell significant stock holdings in the future without negatively impacting stock price.
  • Our amount of debt may require us to raise additional capital to fund acquisitions.
  • Our end-use markets are cyclical.
  • We depend upon a selected base of industries and customers, which subjects us to unique risks which may adversely affect us.
  • A significant portion of our business depends upon U.S. Government defense spending.
  • We are subject to extensive regulation and audit by the Defense Contract Audit Agency.
  • We are subject to a number of procurement laws and regulations. Our business and our reputation could be adversely affected if we fail to comply with these laws.
  • Contracts with some of our customers, including Federal government contracts, contain provisions which give our customers a variety of rights that are unfavorable to us and the OEMs to whom we provide products and services, including the ability to terminate a contract at any time for convenience.
  • Further consolidation in the aerospace industry could adversely affect our business and financial results.
  • Our growth strategy includes evaluating selected acquisitions, which entails certain risks to our business and financial performance.
  • We may not be successful in achieving expected operating efficiencies and sustaining or improving operating expense reductions, and may experience business disruptions associated with restructuring, performance center consolidations, realignment, cost reduction, and other strategic initiatives.
  • We rely on our suppliers to meet the quality and delivery expectations of our customers.
  • We use estimates when bidding on fixed-price contracts. Changes in our estimates could adversely affect our financial results.
  • As we move up the value chain to become a more value added supplier, enhanced design, product development, manufacturing, supply chain project management and other skills will be required.
  • Risks associated with operating and conducting our business outside the United States could adversely impact us.
  • Goodwill and/or other assets could be impaired in the future, which could result in substantial charges.
  • Our operations are subject to numerous extensive, complex, costly and evolving laws, regulations and restrictions, and failure to comply with these laws, regulations and restrictions could subject us to penalties and sanctions that could harm our business.
  • Customer pricing pressures could reduce the demand and/or price for our products and services.
  • Our products and processes are subject to risk of obsolescence as a result of changes in technology and evolving industry and regulatory standards.
  • Environmental liabilities could adversely affect our financial results.
  • Cyber security attacks, internal system or service failures may adversely impact our business and operations.
  • We may not have the ability to renew facilities leases on terms favorable to us and relocation of operations presents risks due to business interruption.
  • The occurrence of litigation in which we could be named as a defendant is unpredictable.
  • Product liability claims in excess of insurance could adversely affect our financial results and financial condition.
  • Damage or destruction of our facilities caused by storms, earthquake, fires or other causes could adversely affect our financial results and financial condition.
  • We are dependent upon our ability to attract and retain key personnel.
  • Labor disruptions by our employees could adversely affect our business.
  • Unanticipated changes in our tax provision or exposure to additional income tax liabilities could affect our profitability.
Management Discussion
  • Net cash provided by operating activities during 2019 increased to $51.0 million compared to $46.2 million during 2018 due to higher net income partially offset by no restructuring charges in the current year.
  • Net cash used in investing activities in 2019 was $94.9 million compared to $47.9 million in 2018 due to higher payments for acquisition.
  • Net cash provided by financing activities during 2019 was $73.2 million compared to $9.8 million during 2018 due to higher net borrowings on the credit facilities.
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