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Company financial data Financial data

Quarter (USD) Jun 19 Mar 19 Dec 18 Sep 18
Revenue 1.43B 1.38B 1.26B 1.27B
Net income 154.41M 142.1M 44.86M 78.52M
Net profit margin 10.76% 10.29% 3.57% 6.18%
Operating income 104.85M 108.81M 92.29M 125.79M
Net change in cash -9.77M -3.06M
Cash on hand 151.4M 161.17M
Annual (USD) Dec 18 Dec 17 Dec 16 Dec 14
Revenue 4.76B 4.31B 4.29B 4.46B
Net income 193.93M 1.18B 352.61M 491.95M
Net profit margin 4.07% 27.42% 8.21% 11.02%
Operating income 368.12M 409.42M 387.11M 575.49M
Net change in cash -27.46M -35.58M -53.85M
Cash on hand 151.4M 178.86M 214.44M 268.29M

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Financial report summary

  • The amount of statutory capital or risk-based capital that the Company has and the amount of statutory capital or risk-based capital that it must hold to maintain its financial strength and credit ratings and meet other requirements can vary significantly from time to time and such amounts are sensitive to a number of factors outside of the Company’s control.
  • Laws, regulations, and initiatives related to unreported deaths and unclaimed property and death benefits may result in operational burdens, fines, unexpected payments, or escheatments.
Management Discussion
  • Our management and Board of Directors analyzes and assesses the operating performance of each segment using pre-tax adjusted operating income (loss) and after-tax adjusted operating income (loss). Consistent with GAAP accounting guidance for segment reporting, pre-tax adjusted operating income (loss) is our measure of segment performance. Pre-tax adjusted operating income (loss) is calculated by adjusting income (loss) before income tax, by excluding the following items:
  • After-tax adjusted operating income (loss) is derived from pre-tax adjusted operating income (loss) with the inclusion of income tax expense or benefits associated with pre-tax adjusted operating income. Income tax expense or benefits is allocated to the items excluded from pre-tax adjusted operating income (loss) at the statutory federal income tax rate for the associated period. Income tax expense or benefits allocated to after-tax adjusted operating income (loss) can vary period to period based on changes in our effective income tax rate.
  • The items excluded from adjusted operating income (loss) are important to understanding the overall results of operations. Pre-tax adjusted operating income (loss) and after-tax adjusted operating income (loss) are not substitutes for income before income taxes or net income (loss), respectively. These measures may not be comparable to similarly titled measures reported by other companies. Our belief is that pre-tax and after-tax adjusted operating income (loss) enhances management’s and the Board of Directors’ understanding of the ongoing operations, the underlying profitability of each segment, and helps facilitate the allocation of resources.
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