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27 Feb 19
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Network for Collaborating Personal Care Devices
17 Oct 19
A method (400) for modifying a user's oral care program.
Apparatus for Providing Mammography Quality Analytics
17 Oct 19
The present invention relates to an apparatus for providing mammography quality analytics.
System and Method for Real-time Creation of Cardiac Electro-physiology Signals In the Heart
17 Oct 19
An instrument for internal mapping includes a flexible elongated portion (702) and an expandable portion (710) coupled distally to the elongated portion, the expandable portion having one or more expandable loops.
RF Coil Device and RF Shield Device for Different Mri Modes
17 Oct 19
The present invention provides a radio frequency (RF) shield device (124) for a magnetic resonance (MR) examination system (110), whereby the RF shield device (124) comprises a first shield (250) and a second shield (252), the first shield (250) and the second shield (252) are arranged with a common center axis (118), the first shield (250) has a shield structure (254) different from a shield structure (254) of the second shield (252), and the first shield (250) and the second shield (252) are designed in accordance with different modes of operation of a RF coil device (140).
Device, System and Method for Determining the Core Body Temperature of a Subject
17 Oct 19
The present invention relates to a device, system and method for determining the core body temperature of a subject.