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Robert W. Dudley
Incorporated in
Fiscal year end
Industry (SEC)
Former names
BP Amoco PLC, British Petroleum Co PLC, British Petroleum Company

BP stock data


Investment data

Data from SEC filings
Top 50 of 499 long holdings
End of quarter 31 Mar 20
Prev Q
%, QoQ
$119.76M 759.7K 767.3K -1.0
$110.11M 433K 478K -9.4
$82.24M 42.26K 38.7K +9.2
$69.7M 60K 61.1K -1.8
$62.28M 320.59K 309.23K +3.7
$39.61M 237.5K 218K +8.9
$38.64M 295K 269K +9.7
$36.02M 197K 197K 0
$27.94M 310K 368K -15.8
$27.5M 250K 250K 0
$27.45M 170.5K 176K -3.1
$26.97M 502K 420K +19.5
$23.87M 441K 451K -2.2
$23.46M 94.1K 96K -2.0
$21.66M 743K 922K -19.4
$21.33M 88.2K 91.2K -3.3
$20.65M 110.6K 111.6K -0.9
$20.35M 518K 500K +3.6
$19.63M 255K 261K -2.3
$19.03M 197K 234K -15.8
$18.41M 564K 564K 0
$17.23M 438K 496K -11.7
$17.09M 386.5K 386.5K 0
$17.07M 805K 856K -6.0
$17.06M 142.1K 142.1K 0
$16.6M 96K 96K 0
$15.97M 421K 428K -1.6
$15.97M 140.6K 165K -14.8
$15.88M 42.3K 18.4K +129.9
$15.67M 456K 454K +0.4
$15.64M 65K 48.7K +33.5
$15.6M 49K 49K 0
$15.42M 58.5K 86K -32.0
$15.03M 198K 216K -8.3
$14.46M 160K 137.9K +16.0
$13.7M 173.5K 174K -0.3
$13.53M 187K 193K -3.1
$12.84M 172K 127K +35.4
$12.69M 44.5K 44.5K 0
$12.45M 75.3K 50K +50.6
$12.37M 61K 61K 0
$12.22M 85K 72K +18.1
$11.99M 86.6K 86.6K 0
$11.5M 40.6K 40.6K 0
$11.45M 157K 157K 0
$11.4M 192K 211K -9.0
$11.2M 117K 118.5K -1.3
$10.76M 49.5K 44.7K +10.7
$10.76M 375K 411K -8.8
$10.37M 63.5K 86K -26.2
Holdings list only includes long positions. Only includes long positions.


27 Mar 20
6 Jul 20
31 Dec 20


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