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Date Owner Security Transaction Code 10b5-1 $Price #Shares $Value #Remaining
12 Nov 20 Sony Corporation. - LLC Units Series A 9.75% Perpetual Preferred Stock Other Aquire J No 0 38,000 0 38,000
0.0% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders
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Total holders 1 0 NEW
Opened positions 1 0 NEW
Closed positions 0 1 EXIT
Increased positions 0 0
Reduced positions 0 0
13F shares
Current Prev Q Change
Total value 84K 0 NEW
Total shares 1.1K 0 NEW
Total puts 0 0
Total calls 0 0
Total put/call ratio
Largest owners
Shares Value Change
Sonora Investment Management 1.1K $84K NEW
Largest transactions
Shares Bought/sold Change
Sonora Investment Management 1.1K +1.1K NEW

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Information Processing Device, and Method of Ventilating Information Processing Device
26 Nov 20
The present technology relates to an information processing device and a method of ventilating an information processing device, which are able to prevent getting sweaty and damp when the information processing device is worn.
Solid-state Imaging Device, Method of Driving the Same, and Electronic Apparatus
26 Nov 20
A solid-state imaging device includes a pixel array unit in which a plurality of imaging pixels configured to generate an image, and a plurality of phase difference detection pixels configured to perform phase difference detection are arranged, each of the plurality of phase difference detection pixels including a plurality of photoelectric conversion units, a plurality of floating diffusions configured to convert charges stored in the plurality of photoelectric conversion units into voltage, and a plurality of amplification transistors configured to amplify the converted voltage in the plurality of floating diffusions.
Information Processing Apparatus, Information Processing Method, and Program
26 Nov 20
A processing unit includes a direction decision unit and a guide information generation unit.
Light Source Device and Projection-type Display Apparatus
26 Nov 20
A light source device according to an embodiment of the present disclosure includes: a light source section including a first light source outputting light in a first wavelength range and a second light source outputting light in a second wavelength range in a same direction as the light in the first wavelength range; a wavelength converter that is excited by the light in the first wavelength range to output fluorescent light; a light condenser that concentrates the light in the first wavelength range and the light in the second wavelength range on the wavelength converter; and a multiplexer that transmits light in the first wavelength range and that reflects at least a portion of the light in the second wavelength range in accordance with incident angles of the light, and combines the light in the first wavelength range, the light in the second wavelength range, and the fluorescent light.
Information Processing Apparatus and Method, and Program
26 Nov 20
The present technology relates to information processing apparatus and method, and a program that make a stress level controllable depending on circumstances.