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Kenichiro Yoshida
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26 Jun 20
11 Aug 20
31 Mar 21


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Annual (JPY) Mar 20 Mar 19 Mar 18 Mar 17
Revenue 8.54T 7.6T
Net income 622.26B 966.55B 547.28B 127.56B
Diluted EPS 461.23 707.74 379.75 56.89
Net profit margin 6.41% 1.68%
Net change in cash 42.28B -116.26B 626.19B -23.47B
Cash on hand 1.51T 1.47T 1.59T 960.14B
Cost of revenue 4.75T 5.15T 5.19T 4.75T

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13F shares
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Total value 59K 0 NEW
Total shares 991 0 NEW
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Sonora Investment Management 991 $59K NEW
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Sonora Investment Management 991 +991 NEW

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Handheld Instrument for Endoscope Surgery
6 Aug 20
[Object] An object of the present technology is to provide a handheld instrument for endoscope surgery having an ultrasonic imaging function with a practicable spatial resolution. [Solving Means] A handheld instrument for endoscope surgery according to the present technology includes: a shaft; a jaw; a handle; a phased array ultrasonic sensor; and a signal wiring.
Robot Device
6 Aug 20
There is provided a robot device including: a head portion coupled to a trunk; four leg portions on a front left, a front right, a rear left, and a rear right coupled to the trunk; a first indirect portion that tilts the head portion left and right; and a second joint portion that rotates, with respect to the trunk, one of the leg portions on the rear left and the rear right to a front side, and the other to a rear side.
Fluorescence Intensity Correcting Method, Fluorescence Intensity Calculating Method, and Fluorescence Intensity Calculating Apparatus
6 Aug 20
A fluorescence intensity calculating apparatus, includes a measuring section configured to receive fluorescences generated from plural fluorescent dyes excited by radiating a light to a microparticle multiply-labeled with the plural fluorescent dyes having fluorescence wavelength bands overlapping one another by photodetectors which correspond to different received light wavelength bands, respectively, and whose number is larger than the number of fluorescent dyes, and obtain measured spectra by collecting detected values from the photodetectors, and a calculating section configured to approximate the measured spectra based on a linear sum of single-dyeing spectra obtained from the microparticle individually labeled with the fluorescent dyes, thereby calculating intensities of the fluorescences generated from the fluorescent dyes, respectively.
Light Source Unit and Projection Display
6 Aug 20
A light source unit according to an embodiment of the present disclosure includes: a light source section; and a wavelength conversion element that is excited by exciting light from the light source section to emit fluorescent light.
Display Control Apparatus, Head Mounted Display, Display Control Method, and Computer Program
6 Aug 20
There is provided a display control apparatus capable of displaying a high-quality image while inhibiting a load at the time of displaying the image in front of a user.