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$3.81B 21.81M 21.81M 0
$3.38B 14.02M 14.02M 0
$3.08B 8.45M 8.45M 0
$3.06B 18.62M 18.62M 0
$2.59B 12.71M 12.71M 0
$2.48B 18.13M 18.13M 0
$2.43B 19.19M 19.19M 0
$2.13B 17.83M 17.83M 0
$2.04B 51.21M 51.21M 0
$1.85B 56.54M 56.54M 0
$1.76B 14.7M 14.7M 0
$1.6B 10.25M 10.25M 0
$1.58B 8.79M 8.79M 0
$1.5B 33.65M 33.65M 0
$1.49B 24.97M 24.97M 0
$1.33B 14.58M 14.58M 0
$1.32B 51.54M 51.54M 0
$1.31B 14.68M 14.68M 0
$1.29B 11.15M 11.15M 0
$1.19B 3.25M 3.25M 0
$1.17B 28.21M 28.21M 0
$1.13B 14.63M 14.63M 0
$999.87M 705.1K 705.1K 0
$939.34M 3.17M 3.17M 0
$924.5M 20.69M 20.69M 0
$828.69M 8.44M 8.44M 0
$810.81M 26.82M 26.82M 0
$681.58M 12.13M 12.13M 0
$681.48M 2.89M 2.89M 0
$636.17M 4.81M 4.81M 0
$622.17M 5.56M 5.56M 0
$596.66M 4.01M 4.01M 0
$590.08M 6.85M 6.85M 0
$576.11M 3.41M 3.41M 0
$575.98M 10.45M 10.45M 0
$565.54M 4.45M 4.45M 0
$562.87M 7.68M 7.68M 0
$517.92M 11.13M 11.13M 0
$504.77M 3.21M 3.21M 0
$467.86M 4.5M 4.5M 0
$442.26M 1.95M 1.95M 0
$419.21M 16.19M 16.19M 0
$410.35M 2.4M 1.95M +23.2
$410.27M 4.64M 4.64M 0
Unilever N V
$401.53M 7.54M 7.54M 0
$391.73M 4.94M 4.86M +1.6
$371.11M 6.09M 6.09M 0
$370.69M 5.98M 5.98M 0
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1 Oct 20
31 Dec 20


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Identifying Property Usage Type Based Upon Smart Sensor Data
1 Oct 20
A computer-implemented method for identifying a property usage type based upon sensor data includes, with customer permission or affirmative consent, receiving data generated by various sensors; generating a report that includes a listing of events recorded by each sensor; analyzing data from the report to determine a property usage type score; receiving data regarding types and levels of insurance coverage associated with the property usage type score; receiving data derived from a homeowner's insurance policy; comparing the types and levels of insurance coverage associated with the property usage type score with the types and levels of insurance coverage from the homeowner's current insurance policy; and transmitting a message to the homeowner to update their insurance policy if there are differences between (i) the insurance coverage that the homeowner has, and (ii) the insurance coverage the homeowner should have based upon the property usage type score.
System and method for automatically identifying and matching a color of a structure's external surface
29 Sep 20
The method and system may be used to provide an indication of a color value for a particular siding sample and to color match a specific siding product to the color value of the siding sample.
Systems and methods for reconstruction of a vehicular crash
29 Sep 20
A system for reconstructing a vehicular crash (i) receives sensor data of a vehicular crash from at least one mobile device associated with a user; (ii) generates a scenario model of the vehicular crash based upon the received sensor data; (iii) transmits the scenario model to a user computer device associated with the user; (iv) receives a confirmation of the scenario model from the user computer device; (v) stores the scenario model; and (vi) may generate at least one insurance claim form based upon the scenario model.
Systems and methods for model-based analysis of damage to a vehicle
29 Sep 20
A system for capturing images of damage to an object configured to (i) store an orientation model associated with an object; (ii) receive, from a user, a request to analyze damage to the object; (iii) instruct the user to position a camera at a first position relative to the object; (iv) receive an image of the object from the camera; (v) determine whether the received image is properly framed; (vi) if the received image is not properly framed, instruct the user to adjust the position of the camera; and (vii) if the received image is properly framed, instruct the user to position the camera at a second position relative to the object.
Autonomous Feature Use Monitoring and Insurance Pricing
24 Sep 20
Methods and systems for monitoring use and determining risk associated with operation of autonomous vehicles are provided.