Allstate Life Insurance


28 Feb 20
22 Apr 21
31 Dec 21

Financial report summary

  • Insurance and financial services
  • Changes in reserve estimates and amortization of deferred acquisition costs (“DAC”) could materially affect our results of operations and financial condition
  • We may not be able to mitigate the capital impact associated with statutory reserving and capital requirements
  • A downgrade in financial strength ratings may have an adverse effect on our business
  • Changes in tax laws may adversely affect profitability of life insurance products
  • Our investment portfolio is subject to market risk and declines in quality which may adversely affect investment income and cause realized and unrealized losses
  • Determination of the fair value and the amount of realized capital losses recorded for impairments of investments includes subjective judgments and could materially impact our results of operations and financial condition
  • Changes in market interest rates or performance-based investment returns may lead to a significant decrease in the profitability of our spread-based products
  • Business, strategy and operations
  • We operate in markets that are highly competitive and may be impacted by new or changing technologies
  • Reinsurance may be unavailable at current levels and prices, which may limit our ability to write new business
  • Reinsurance subjects us to counterparty risk and may not be adequate to protect us against losses arising from ceded insurance
  • Divestitures of businesses may not produce anticipated benefits resulting in operating difficulties
  • We may be subject to the risks and costs associated with intellectual property infringement, misappropriation and third-party claims
  • Macro, regulatory and risk environment
  • Conditions in the global economy and capital markets could adversely affect our business and results of operations
  • A large-scale pandemic, the occurrence of terrorism or military actions may have an adverse effect on our business
  • The failure in cyber or other information security controls, as well as the occurrence of events unanticipated in our disaster recovery processes and business continuity planning, could result in a loss or disclosure of confidential information, damage to our reputation, additional costs and impair our ability to conduct business effectively
  • We are subject to extensive regulation, and potential further restrictive regulation may increase operating costs and limit growth
  • Regulatory reforms, and the more stringent application of existing regulations, may make it more expensive for us to conduct our business
  • Losses from legal and regulatory actions may be material to our results of operations, cash flows and financial condition
  • Changes in or the application of accounting standards issued by standard-setting bodies and changes in tax laws may adversely affect our results of operations and financial condition
  • Our ability to attract, develop, and retain talent to maintain appropriate staffing levels, and establish a successful work culture is critical to our success
  • Misconduct or fraudulent acts by employees, agents and third parties may expose us to financial loss, disruption of business, regulatory assessments and reputational harm
Management Discussion
  • Item 7. Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations
  • This section of this Form 10-K generally discusses 2019 and 2018 results and year-to-year comparisons between 2019 and 2018. Discussions of 2017 results and year-to-year comparisons between 2018 and 2017 that are not included in this Form 10-K can be found in Management’s Discussion and Analysis (“MD&A”) in Part II, Item 7 of our annual report on Form 10-K for 2018, filed February 22, 2019.
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