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Vote support at last AGM
At the Annual Meeting of Shareholders of Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc. (“Cullen/Frost”) held on April 27, 2022, shareholders voted on the following matters:
(1)To elect eleven Director nominees to serve on the Board of Directors of Cullen/Frost for a one-year term that will expire at the 2023 Annual Meeting of Shareholders. Final voting results were as follows:
Name of NomineeVotes ForVotes AgainstAbstentionsBroker
Carlos Alvarez54,540,015 497,619 602,389 4,563,228
Chris M. Avery54,649,330 933,616 57,077 4,563,228
Anthony R. Chase52,747,837 2,813,956 78,230 4,563,228
Cynthia J. Comparin55,424,774 149,395 65,854 4,563,228
Samuel G. Dawson54,027,754 1,009,768 602,501 4,563,228
Crawford H. Edwards54,532,824 503,204 603,995 4,563,228
Patrick B. Frost54,566,138 437,444 636,441 4,563,228
Phillip D. Green53,718,458 1,869,717 51,848 4,563,228
David J. Haemisegger54,364,979 653,345 621,699 4,563,228
Charles W. Matthews52,453,006 2,586,313 600,704 4,563,228
Linda B. Rutherford55,493,544 41,840 104,639 4,563,228

(2)To ratify the selection of Ernst & Young LLP to act as independent auditors of Cullen/Frost for the fiscal year that began January 1, 2022. Final voting results were as follows:
Votes For58,723,634
Votes Against1,159,683

(3)To provide nonbinding approval of executive compensation. Final voting results were as follows:
Votes For54,760,201
Votes Against527,978
Broker Non-Votes4,563,228