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H. Lawrence Culp
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31 Jul 19
14 Oct 19
31 Dec 19


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Quarter (USD) Jun 19 Mar 19 Dec 18 Sep 18
Revenue 28.83B 27.29B 33.28B 29.57B
Net income 127M 3.59B 761M -22.77B
Diluted EPS -0.01 0.4 0.07 -2.62
Net profit margin 0.44% 13.15% 2.29% -76.99%
Cash on hand
Cost of revenue 21.82B 20.35B
Annual (USD) Dec 18 Dec 17 Dec 16 Dec 15
Revenue 121.62B 118.24B 119.47B 117.39B
Net income -22.36B -8.48B 7.5B -6.13B
Diluted EPS -2.62 -1.03 0.75 -0.61
Net profit margin -18.38% -7.18% 6.28% -5.22%
Net change in cash -4.83B -22.35B
Cash on hand 43.3B 48.13B 70.48B
Cost of revenue 27.61B 25.04B 22.79B

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Systems and Methods for Additive Manufacturing Flow Control Devices
10 Oct 19
A flow control device for an additive manufacturing system is provided.
Systems and Methods for Inspecting, Cleaning, And/or Repairing One or More Blades Attached to a Rotor of a Gas Turbine Engine Using a Robotic System
10 Oct 19
A system for inspecting, cleaning, and/or repairing one or more blades attached to a rotor of a gas turbine engine.
Bioreactor Tray
10 Oct 19
A tray configured to be provided on a base station of a bioreactor system, said tray comprising a bottom and surrounding side walls and being configured to hold a bioreactor bag, said bottom comprising at least two bottom parts, whereof one is a middle part of the bottom, wherein at least one of the bottom parts is movable into at least a first and a second position, wherein said first position provides the bottom parts substantially flush with each other providing a substantially plane bottom of the tray and said second position provides a bottom of the tray having a recessed middle part.
Gas Turbine Engine
10 Oct 19
A combustor includes a circumferential main combustion chamber and a plurality of air inlets, the plurality of air inlets dispersing air into the circumferential main combustion chamber.
Apparatus and Methods for Adjustable Volume Cell Culture
10 Oct 19
Cell culture apparatus is disclosed comprising: a cell culture container comprising a flexible tube; a support table; and a pair of opposed holders for holding opposed portions of the tube in a fluid tight manner such that fluid cannot pass through the respective portion inside the tube, the spacing between the said pair being adjustable to provide an adjustable sealed volume in the tube between the holder pair.