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Jeffrey L. Harmening
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18 Sep 19
11 Dec 19
29 May 20


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Quarter (USD) Aug 19 May 19 Feb 19 Nov 18
Revenue 4B 4.16B 4.2B 4.41B
Net income 520.6M 570.2M 446.8M 343.4M
Diluted EPS 0.85 0.94 0.74 0.57
Net profit margin 13.01% 13.70% 10.64% 7.78%
Operating income 662.4M 716.1M 651.3M 547M
Net change in cash 54.8M -97.1M 0 114.2M
Cash on hand 504.8M 450M 547.1M 547.1M
Cost of revenue 2.61B 2.7B 2.76B 2.9B
Annual (USD) May 19 May 18 May 17 May 16
Revenue 16.87B 15.74B 15.62B
Net income 1.75B 2.13B 1.66B 1.7B
Diluted EPS 2.9 3.64 2.77 2.77
Net profit margin 10.39% 13.54% 10.61%
Operating income 2.52B 2.42B 2.49B 2.71B
Net change in cash 51M -367.1M 2.4M
Cash on hand 450M 399M 766.1M 763.7M
Cost of revenue 11.11B 10.3B 10.05B 10.73B

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  • In fiscal 2018, we acquired Blue Buffalo, which became our Pet operating segment. We are reporting the Pet operating segment results on aone-month lag and, accordingly, our fiscal 2018 results did not include Pet segment operating results.
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