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22 Apr 20
14 Jul 20
27 Dec 20


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Quarter (USD) Mar 20 Dec 19 Sep 19 Jun 19
Revenue 373.57M 412.29M 400.56M 428.33M
Net income 72.82M 84.84M 84.13M 88.14M
Diluted EPS 0.42 0.49 0.49 0.51
Net profit margin 19.49% 20.58% 21.00% 20.58%
Operating income 89.81M 104.17M 103.4M 112.36M
Net change in cash 235.68M 43.67M -3.58M 61.17M
Cash on hand 456.66M 220.97M 177.31M 180.88M
Cost of revenue 174.94M 202.91M 193.18M 201.37M
Annual (USD) Dec 19 Dec 18 Dec 17 Dec 16
Revenue 1.65B 1.65B 1.47B 1.33B
Net income 343.85M 341.05M 252.41M 40.67M
Diluted EPS 2 1.97 1.45 0.24
Net profit margin 20.89% 20.63% 17.12% 3.06%
Operating income 424.46M 436.43M 378.75M 121.14M
Net change in cash 88.86M 28.46M 51.3M 70K
Cash on hand 220.97M 132.12M 103.66M 52.37M
Cost of revenue 786.29M 770.75M 679.54M 618.42M

Financial data from Graco earnings reports

Date Owner Security Transaction Code 10b5-1 $Price #Shares $Value #Remaining
1 Jul 20 Etchart Eric Phantom Stock Units Common Stock Grant Aquire A No 47.99 465.37 22.33K 9,649.654
1 Jul 20 J Kevin Gilligan Phantom Stock Units Common Stock Grant Aquire A No 47.99 499.24 23.96K 83,752.59
1 Jul 20 Lee R Mitau Phantom Stock Units Common Stock Grant Aquire A No 47.99 642.49 30.83K 178,318.844
1 Jul 20 Sant R William Van Phantom Stock Units Common Stock Grant Aquire A No 47.99 460.17 22.08K 68,740.742
1 Jul 20 Kevin J. Wheeler Phantom Stock Units Common Stock Grant Aquire A No 47.99 465.37 22.33K 612.877
84.0% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders
Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 426 426
Opened positions 48 61 -21.3%
Closed positions 48 54 -11.1%
Increased positions 136 138 -1.4%
Reduced positions 150 138 +8.7%
13F shares
Current Prev Q Change
Total value 64.12B 69.82B -8.2%
Total shares 141.5M 143.72M -1.5%
Total puts 24K 10.1K +137.6%
Total calls 60K 59.5K +0.8%
Total put/call ratio 0.4 0.2 +135.6%
Largest owners
Shares Value Change
Vanguard 17.09M $832.73M +2.6%
BLK BlackRock 14.74M $718.05M -2.6%
FSZ Fiera Capital 11.49M $559.96M +0.4%
Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment Management 7.17M $349.54M -1.7%
N Price T Rowe Associates 6.96M $339.26M -4.2%
STT State Street 6.22M $302.88M +54.3%
Mairs & Power 4.73M $230.55M -7.0%
Alecta Pensionsforsakring, Omsesidigt 3.6M $175.18M 0.0%
WCM Investment Management 3.33M $162.27M +7.7%
Atlanta Capital Management Co L L C 2.68M $130.55M -20.4%
Largest transactions
Shares Bought/sold Change
STT State Street 6.22M +2.19M +54.3%
Norges Bank 0 -1.86M EXIT
Vontobel Asset Management 1.17M +1.17M NEW
Schwartz Investment Counsel 5.95K -816K -99.3%
Atlanta Capital Management Co L L C 2.68M -688.57K -20.4%
Clarkston Capital Partners 0 -491.6K EXIT
Vanguard 17.09M +425.36K +2.6%
BLK BlackRock 14.74M -389.68K -2.6%
Millennium Management 70.79K -385.55K -84.5%
Mairs & Power 4.73M -357.63K -7.0%

Financial report summary

Kid BrandsSummer Infant
  • Growth Strategies and Acquisitions - Our growth strategies may not provide the return on investment desired if we are not successful in implementation of these strategies.
  • Currency - Changes in currency translation rates could adversely impact our revenue, earnings and the valuation of assets denominated in foreign currencies.
  • Economic Environment - Demand for our products depends on the level of commercial and industrial activity worldwide.
  • Competition - Our success depends upon our ability to develop, market and sell new products that meet our customers’ needs, and anticipate industry changes.
  • Global Sourcing - Risks associated with foreign sourcing, supply interruption, delays in raw material or component delivery, supply shortages and counterfeit components may adversely affect our production or profitability.
  • Information Systems - Interruption of or intrusion into information systems may impact our business.
  • Intellectual Property - Demand for our products may be affected by new entrants who copy our products or infringe on our intellectual property. Competitors may allege that our products infringe the intellectual property of others.
  • Foreign Operations - Conducting business internationally exposes our Company to risks that could harm our business.
  • Catastrophic Events - Our operations are at risk of damage, destruction or disruption by natural disasters and other unexpected events.
  • Changes in Laws and Regulations - Changes may impact how we can do business and the cost of doing business around the world.
  • Anti-Corruption and Trade Laws - We may incur costs and suffer damages if our employees, agents, distributors or suppliers violate anti-bribery, anti-corruption or trade laws and regulations.
  • Tax Rates and New Tax Legislation - Changes in tax rates or the adoption of new tax legislation may affect our results of operations, cash flows and financial condition.
  • Impairment - If acquired businesses do not meet performance expectations, assets acquired could be subject to impairment.
  • Political Instability - Uncertainty surrounding political leadership may limit our growth opportunities.
  • Legal Proceedings - Costs associated with claims, litigation, administrative proceedings and regulatory reviews, and potentially adverse outcomes, may affect our profitability.
  • Personnel - Our success may be affected if we are not able to attract, develop and retain qualified personnel.
  • Major Customers - Our Contractor segment depends on a few large customers for a significant portion of its sales. Significant declines in the level of purchases by these customers could reduce our sales and impact segment profitability.
  • Variable Industries - Our success may be affected by variations in the construction, automotive, mining and oil and natural gas industries.
Management Discussion
  • Item 7. Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations
  • Graco designs, manufactures and markets systems and equipment used to move, measure, control, dispense and spray fluid and powder materials. The Company specializes in equipment for applications that involve difficult-to-handle materials with high viscosities, materials with abrasive or corrosive properties and multiple-component materials that require precise ratio control. Graco sells primarily through independent third-party distributors worldwide to industrial and contractor end users. Graco’s business is classified by management into three reportable segments: Industrial, Process and Contractor. Each segment is responsible for product development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of their products.
  • Graco’s key strategies include developing and marketing new products, leveraging products and technologies into additional, growing end-user markets, expanding distribution globally and completing strategic acquisitions that provide additional channel and technologies. Long-term financial growth targets accompany these strategies, including our expectation of 10 percent revenue growth and 12 percent consolidated net earnings growth. We continue to develop new products in each operating division that are expected to drive incremental sales growth, as well as continued refreshes and upgrades of existing product lines. Graco has made a number of strategic acquisitions that expand and complement organically developed products and provide new market and channel opportunities.
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Diaphragm seal injector
14 Jul 20
A lubricant injector includes a housing and a metering section attached to the housing.
Integrated Pump Guard and Control Interlock
9 Jul 20
A paint sprayer includes an end bell, a motor connected to the end bell, a pump drive connected to the end bell, a pair of protrusions attached to an extending from the end bell such that each protrusion is cantilevered from the end bell, and a pump assembly comprising a pair of mounting holes and containing a piston.
Pump transmission carriage assembly
7 Jul 20
A metering pump includes a motor having a motor shaft extending through a drive housing, a carriage assembly disposed around the motor shaft and within the drive housing, a plunger return block mounted to the carriage assembly, a piston disposed along an axis, and a carriage bearing disposed on the motor shaft and within the carriage assembly, slidably coupled to the carriage assembly, and configured to provide a second contact point for maintaining the alignment of the carriage assembly with the axis of the piston.
Solenoid valve for a portable hydraulic power unit
7 Jul 20
A portable hydraulic power unit includes a fluid tank supported on a frame, a first pump configured to draw hydraulic fluid from the tank and a second pump configured to draw hydraulic fluid from the tank.
Spray system pressure differential monitoring
23 Jun 20
A control method for a two-component spray system having first and second pumps for separate fluid components includes registering a target spray pressure, registering a material-specific pressure factor margin, sensing an output pressure of the second pump, and identifying a failure condition in the event that the sensed output pressure remains further than the pressure factor margin from the target spray pressure for at least a threshold time.