Hawkins (HWKN)

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Vote support at last AGM
At our annual meeting of shareholders held July 29, 2021, the following proposals, each as described in further detail in the definitive proxy statement filed by our company on June 25, 2021, were voted upon by our shareholders as set forth below:

Proposal One – Election of Directors

Our shareholders elected each of the seven nominees to our Board of Directors, based on the following votes:

Director NomineeForWithheldBroker Non-Vote
James A. Faulconbridge14,750,758661,305
Patrick H. Hawkins15,088,681323,382
Mary J. Schumacher14,765,118646,945
Daniel J. Stauber14,804,374607,689
Yi "Faith" Tang15,245,262166,801
James T. Thompson14,897,691514,372
Jeffrey L. Wright14,476,999935,064

Proposal Two – Advisory Vote to Approve Executive Compensation

Our shareholders approved, on an advisory basis, the compensation of our executive officers as disclosed in the above-referenced proxy statement, based on the votes listed below:

ForAgainstAbstainBroker Non-Vote