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John P. Groetelaars
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Hillenbrand Industries Inc
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1 May 20
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Company financial data Financial data

Quarter (USD) Mar 20 Dec 19 Sep 19 Jun 19
Revenue 723.2M 685M 782.8M 726.8M
Net income 46.9M 39.8M 27.9M 32.6M
Diluted EPS 0.7 0.59 0.41 480K
Net profit margin 6.49% 5.81% 3.56% 4.49%
Operating income 87.3M 78.9M 94.1M 69.9M
Net change in cash 86.1M -9.7M 11.5M 15.6M
Cash on hand 290.5M 204.4M 214.1M 202.6M
Cost of revenue 355.7M 343.3M 397M 370.2M
Annual (USD) Sep 19 Sep 18 Sep 17 Sep 16
Revenue 2.91B 2.85B 2.74B 2.66B
Net income 152.2M 252.4M 132.3M 122.8M
Diluted EPS 2.25 3.73 1.99 1.86
Net profit margin 5.24% 8.86% 4.82% 4.62%
Operating income 316.1M 289.4M 275M 230.3M
Net change in cash 31.1M -48.8M -400K 39.4M
Cash on hand 214.1M 183M 231.8M 232.2M
Cost of revenue 1.48B 1.45B 1.42B 1.4B

Financial data from Hill-Rom earnings reports

Date Owner Security Transaction Code $Price #Shares $Value #Remaining
24 Apr 20 Wagner Richard M Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F 114.27 289 33.02K 1,889
24 Apr 20 Wagner Richard M RSU Common Stock Option exercise Dispose M 0 962 0 963.291
24 Apr 20 Wagner Richard M Common Stock Option exercise Aquire M 114.27 962 109.93K 2,178
7 Apr 20 Dodrill Amy M. Common Stock Sell Dispose S 110 905 99.55K 1,389
7 Apr 20 Dodrill Amy M. Common Stock Option exercise Aquire M 53.7 905 48.6K 2,294
7 Apr 20 Dodrill Amy M. Common Stock Sell Dispose S 110 986 108.46K 1,389
7 Apr 20 Dodrill Amy M. Common Stock Option exercise Aquire M 46.28 986 45.63K 2,375
7 Apr 20 Dodrill Amy M. Common Stock Sell Dispose S 110 1,298 142.78K 1,389
7 Apr 20 Dodrill Amy M. Employee Stock Option Common Stock Option exercise Dispose M 53.7 905 48.6K 302
7 Apr 20 Dodrill Amy M. Employee Stock Option Common Stock Option exercise Dispose M 46.28 986 45.63K 0
85.2% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders
Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 378 396 -4.5%
Opened positions 55 67 -17.9%
Closed positions 73 42 +73.8%
Increased positions 123 129 -4.7%
Reduced positions 134 136 -1.5%
13F shares
Current Prev Q Change
Total value 405.5B 336.36B +20.6%
Total shares 56.88M 56.64M +0.4%
Total puts 59.8K 255.5K -76.6%
Total calls 108K 50.3K +114.7%
Total put/call ratio 0.6 5.1 -89.1%
Largest owners
Shares Value Change
BLK BlackRock 7.03M $707.47M -4.0%
Vanguard 6.43M $647.22M +2.2%
Wellington Management 6.4M $644.07M -1.8%
Select Equity 3.87M $389.16B +37.6%
Victory Capital Management 1.74M $174.92M +983.0%
STT State Street 1.69M $170.21M +1.6%
FMR 1.28M $128.63M -30.8%
Cooke & Bieler 1.2M $121.14M +29.8%
AMP Ameriprise Financial 1.05M $105.37M +159.3%
BK Bank Of New York Mellon 1.03M $103.63M -5.7%
Largest transactions
Shares Bought/sold Change
Victory Capital Management 1.74M +1.58M +983.0%
Select Equity 3.87M +1.06M +37.6%
Millennium Management 543.12K -751.31K -58.0%
Norges Bank 0 -693.64K EXIT
AMP Ameriprise Financial 1.05M +643.45K +159.3%
FMR 1.28M -570.12K -30.8%
Allianz Asset Management GmbH 324.35K -455.95K -58.4%
Renaissance Technologies 0 -378.62K EXIT
BLK BlackRock 7.03M -290.42K -4.0%
Cooke & Bieler 1.2M +276.2K +29.8%

Financial report summary

  • We face significant uncertainty in our industry due to government health care reform, medical device tax provisions in healthcare reform laws, changes in Medicare, Medicaid and other governmental medical program reimbursements, and we cannot predict how these reforms will impact our operating results.
  • We operate in a highly competitive industry that is subject to the risk of declining demand and pricing pressures, which could adversely affect our operating results.
  • We have a substantial amount of indebtedness. This level of indebtedness could adversely affect our ability to raise additional capital to fund operations, our flexibility in operating our business and our ability to react to changes in the economy or our industry.
  • Our variable rate indebtedness subjects us to interest rate risk, which could cause our debt service obligations to increase significantly.
  • Adverse developments in general domestic and worldwide economic conditions and instability and disruption of credit markets could have an adverse effect on our operating results, financial condition, or liquidity.
  • We might not be able to grow or achieve expected cost savings or profitability if we are unable to successfully acquire and integrate, or form business relationships with, other companies.
  • Failure to comply with regulations due to our contracts with U.S. government entities could adversely affect our business and results of operations.
  • The assets in our pension plans are subject to market disruptions. In addition, our pension plans are underfunded.
  • The majority of our products are manufactured at a single facility or location, and the material damage or loss of, or partial or complete labor-related work stoppage at, one or more of these facilities or locations could prevent us from manufacturing some of the various products we sell.
  • Our international sales and operations are subject to risks and uncertainties that vary by country and which could have a material adverse effect on our business and/or results of operations. Compliance with international laws and regulations, import and export limitations, trade agreements, anti-corruption laws, and exchange controls may be difficult, burdensome and expensive.
  • Unfavorable outcomes related to uncertain tax positions could result in significant tax liabilities.
  • We might not be able to attract, retain and develop key personnel.
  • We might not be successful in achieving expected operating efficiencies and sustaining or improving operating expense reductions, and might experience business disruptions and adverse tax consequences associated with restructuring, realignment and cost reduction activities.
  • We might be adversely affected by new regulations relating to conflict minerals.
  • The rationalization and transformation of our Enterprise Resource Planning (“ERP”) software solutions and other information technology systems could result in significant disruptions to our operations.
  • Our stock price and trading volume has been, and may continue to be, volatile from time to time and we may experience continued fluctuations in the future that could negatively impact the value of our outstanding shares.
Management Discussion
  • In this section, we provide an overview of our results of operations. We disclose segment information that is consistent with the way in which management operates and views the business. Our operating structure contains the following reportable segments:
  • See Note 1, Summary of Significant Accounting Policies and Note 2, Revenue Recognition, of our Consolidated Financial Statements in this Form 10-K for additional information on the impact of adoption of ASC 606 as of October 1, 2018.
  • Product sales and service revenue increased under ASC 606 by $112.2 million. This increase was primarily due to the accelerated recognition and reclassification from Rental revenue of $95.3 million for Front Line Care where it was determined for respiratory health products, there were no on-going performance obligations after delivery of the product to the customer, whereas previously this revenue was recognized over the period the Company was reimbursed by third parties. It also reflects an additional $13.5
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