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William A. Galvin
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Itel Corp
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28 Apr 20
27 Nov 20
1 Jan 21


Date Owner Security Transaction Code 10b5-1 $Price #Shares $Value #Remaining
22 Jun 20 BLYTH Lord James Common Stock Sale back to company Dispose D No 0 72,259 0 0
22 Jun 20 Brace Frederic F Common Stock Units Sale back to company Dispose D No 0 30,231 0 0
22 Jun 20 Bynoe Linda Common Stock Sale back to company Dispose D No 0 2,000 0 0
22 Jun 20 Bynoe Linda Common Stock Sale back to company Dispose D No 0 42,110 0 0
22 Jun 20 Justin C Choi Common Stock Sale back to company Dispose D No 0 47,198 0 0
22 Jun 20 Steven M Dean Common Stock Sale back to company Dispose D No 0 6,699 0 0
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Total holders 4 197 -98.0%
Opened positions 1 23 -95.7%
Closed positions 194 64 +203.1%
Increased positions 1 76 -98.7%
Reduced positions 1 70 -98.6%
13F shares
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Total value 905K 2.85B -100.0%
Total shares 9.66K 32.41M -100.0%
Total puts 0 99.6K EXIT
Total calls 0 42K EXIT
Total put/call ratio 2.4
Largest owners
Shares Value Change
Everence Capital Management 5.11K $489K +1.8%
Hanseatic Management Services 2.91K $256K 0.0%
Contravisory Investment Management 1.63K $160K NEW
IFP Advisors 0 $0 EXIT
Largest transactions
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BLK BlackRock 0 -4.68M EXIT
Vanguard 0 -3.21M EXIT
GS Goldman Sachs 0 -3.2M EXIT
Dimensional Fund Advisors 0 -2.33M EXIT
Alpine Associates Management 0 -1.39M EXIT
Chai Trust 0 -1.15M EXIT
Ubs Oconnor 0 -1.13M EXIT
Water Island Capital 0 -1.1M EXIT
STT State Street 0 -1.05M EXIT
Carlson Capital L P 0 -1.03M EXIT

Financial report summary

  • The pendency of our agreement to be acquired by WESCO International, Inc. could have an adverse effect on our business.
  • A change in sales strategy or financial viability of our suppliers could adversely affect our sales or earnings.
  • We have risks associated with the sale of nonconforming products and services.
  • Our foreign operations are subject to political, economic, currency and other risks.
  • We have risks associated with inventory.
  • Our operating results are affected by copper prices.
  • We have risks associated with the integration of acquired businesses.
  • Our debt agreements could impose restrictions on our business.
  • We have substantial debt which could adversely affect our profitability, limit our ability to obtain financing in the future and pursue certain business opportunities.
  • A decline in project volume could adversely affect our sales and earnings.
  • Any significant disruption, interruption or failure of our information systems could disrupt our business, result in increased costs and decreased revenues, harm our reputation, and expose us to liability.
  • We may experience a failure in or breach of our operational or information security systems, or those of our third-party service providers, as a result of cyber attacks or information security breaches.
  • Disruptions to our logistics capability or supply chain may have an adverse impact on our operations.
  • We are subject to various laws and regulations globally and any failure to comply could adversely affect our business.
Management Discussion
  • Total company sales decreased 1.7% to $2,071.7 million in the first quarter of 2020, reflecting growth in our Utility Power Solutions ("UPS") segment but offset by declines in our Network and Security Solutions ("NSS") and Electrical and Electronic Solutions ("EES") segments. Excluding the unfavorable impacts from foreign exchange and copper, our results reflect organic sales decline of 1.3%. The current quarter had 65 billing days compared to 64 billing days in the prior year period. Excluding the favorable impact from the extra billing day, adjusted daily sales decreased 2.8%. In addition, the first quarter of 2020 also reflects gross margin of 20.1%, up 20 basis points from the prior year.
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